Respironics AF531 Oro-nasal mask

Respironics AF531 Respironics AF531

Oro-nasal mask


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The Respironics AF531 mask offers features that address patient comfort, proper mask fitting and ventilator compatibility.

Four-point headgear with CapStrap

Four-point headgear with CapStrap for easy, comfortable fit

The wide, comfortable straps of the headgear have easy-to-use snap-close side clips. This makes it easy to remove and reapply the mask after the initial fitting. The CapStrap makes the initial fitting quick and easy and allows the mask to flip up. It makes routine patient care easy and provides a secure, comfortable fit.
Wide range of elbow options

Wide range of elbow options for flexible treatment

The AF531 can be equipped with a range of specially designed elbows, due to its integrated elbow hub. Philips Respironics offers elbows for a variety of ventilator systems, with and without entrainment valve, and two special elbow types. This way, you can give patients the treatment they need without needing to switch masks.
CleanClip mask holder

CleanClip mask holder helps prevent cross-contamination

Supplied with the mask, the CleanClip protective cover can be used as a holder for the AF531 mask. A rail mount is available for use with the V60, V200, and Trilogy ventilation systems. The mask holder provides a secure and convenient location for the mask and removes the need to set the mask on top of the ventilator or bedding. This way, CleanClip helps reduce cross-contamination.
Rotating elbow connection

Rotating elbow connection for flexible tube positioning

The elbow that connects to the ventilator tubing can be rotated. This prevents the tubing from pulling on the mask, making the mask more comfortable to wear.
Bronchoscopy elbow

Bronchoscopy elbow reduces ventilation interruptions

The Respironics bronchoscopy elbow allows clinicians to perform bronchoscopy procedures without having to pause the noninvasive ventilation. The elbow is for single use only but may be autoclaved once beforehand to support a sterile procedure.
Less packaging

Less packaging for frustration-free access and less waste

The AF531 uses less plastic packaging than previous generations of Respironics masks. It uses recycled materials, to help you improve your green footprint. The perforated, frustration-free packaging allows separate access to the sizing gauge and mask. If you decide to try a different size mask after using the size gauge, the mask is still clean in its isolated pouch.
Nebulizer elbow

Nebulizer elbow enables aerosol treatment during NIV

Using the special elbows with integrated Aerogen NIVO nebulizer attachment, you can provide nebulizer treatments during NIV without disconnecting patient circuits. No more struggling with in-line nebulizer add-ons. The elbows can remain attached when not in use or be easily removed between treatments.
Aerogen NIVO nebulizer

Aerogen NIVO nebulizer for optimal aerosol treatment

The nebulizer connects to the nebulizer elbow to provide direct aerosol delivery during noninvasive ventilation. Aerogen NIVO's vibrating mesh technology delivers the optimal particle size for aerosol treatment: 3.4 µm. It enables medication delivery in both upright and reclining position, to help your patients breathe easy.