SmartMonitor Infant apnea monitor

SmartMonitor 2 PS Light with Standard Alarm

Infant apnea monitor

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SmartMonitor 2 Professional Series Light (PSL) is designed for heart rate and respiration monitoring and event recording in a variety of settings. The SmartMonitor 2 PSL is intended for infant, pediatric, and adult use.

Multi-parameter monitoring

Multi-parameter monitoring for a more complete picture

The SmartMonitor 2 PSL provides detailed information about a patient's heart and respiration rate. It has a durable metal patient connector.
Synergy-E software

Synergy-E software captures and reviews waveforms

If more detailed information is needed than the symbol interface provides, the Synergy-E software simplifies the review of infant apnea data. It provides graphical displays, the ability to define patient information, customizable event labels, and a notes section for enhanced compliance.
Ideal for a variety of uses

Ideal for a variety of uses in multiple patient categories

The SmartMonitor 2 PSL is intended for use monitoring adult, pediatric, and infant patients. This makes it ideal for a variety of situations.
"Light" version

"Light" version for cost-effective monitoring

The SmartMonitor PSL has the "Light" designation because it provides high-quality, cost-effective heart and respiration monitoring without integrated pulse oximetry. For healthcare settings requiring patient monitoring with integrated pulse oximetry, we offer the SmartMonitor 2 PS.
Universal symbol interface

Universal symbol interface helps reduce language barriers

The SmartMonitor 2 PSL has an easy-to-understand interface with a bright digital readout. Universally recognized symbols help communication and reduce potential language barriers.
Two batteries

Two batteries for 15 hours of portable operation

The SmartMonitor 2 PSL has a strong battery and a backup battery. With 15 hours of portable operation, you can monitor your patients virtually wherever they go.
Lightweight design

Lightweight design

Lightweight design for easy portability
Selectable settings

Selectable settings

Selectable settings make it ideal for hospital or home care
4 MB of memory

4 MB of memory

4 MB of memory to store patient information for later review