Sweet-Ease Sucrose solution

Sweet-Ease Natural 15mL cup

Sucrose solution

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Sweet-Ease is a 24% sucrose and purified water solution. Sucrose is an all natural, non-pharmacologic intervention widely proven to be associated with statistically and clinically significant reductions in discomfort to the infant.

Versatile solution

Versatile solution can be used in all hospital areas

Sweet-Ease Natural may be used in all areas of the hospital, including the NICU, PICU, newborn nursery, ER or at the pediatrician’s office. A WeeThumbie or Soothie pacifier can be used to help administer Sweet-Ease Natural, and help calm and soothe distressed babies up to six months of age.
Two convenient sizes

Two convenient sizes to simplify usage

The 2 mL vial with no preservatives, simplifies workflow by allowing sucrose to be applied directly onto the tip of an infant's tongue or buccal surface. The 51 mL translucent, spill-resistant cup (filled to 15 mL) allows a pacifier to be dipped into the cup.