IntelliSpace Corsium Data management solution

IntelliSpace Corsium

Data management solution

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Philips IntelliSpace Corsium unlocks the real power of the Tempus ALS¹ system by enabling users to quickly share data and collaborate. Corsium is a web-based software platform for near real-time² patient data transfer and two-way communication, designed for the modern EMS. By supporting the rich data capture from the Tempus ALS system, it supports decision making by enabling rich real-time² data transmission and two-way communication between healthcare professionals.


Overview of key specifications
Overview of key specifications
Data sharing
  • Automated sharing³ of patient data from Tempus ALS to Corsium
Data transfer
  • Reliable data transmission using the Enhanced Data Service (EDS) protocol⁴
  • Live Device Dashboard, ECG Dashboard, Historic Dashboard, Resuscitation Dashboard
User account security
  • For access to recorded incident data
ECG review
  • with feedback, with patient management instructions
Patient de-identification
  • configuration capability
Security and compliance
Security and compliance
Antivirus software
  • Enterprise grade
Software patching
  • Application and OS-level patching
System monitoring
  • 24/7 system health and security monitoring
Data security
  • Encrypted customer-specific authentication settings required before connecting Tempus Pro to Corsium
  • Must be performed before Tempus Pro and Corsium can exchange data
  • Data exchanged AED 256-bit encrypted using FIPS-compliant technology shared with secure DTLS sockets
Web browser access
  • Via secure HTTP
  • Corsium design evaluated against the following cybersecurity standards: ISO 80001-2-2:2012
Software development
  • All elements of Corsium developed in compliance with IEC 62304-2006 AMD1-2015
Supported hardware
  • Monitor: Tempus Pro; Defibrillator: Tempus LS
  • ¹ Tempus ALS is a modular system comprised of a Tempus Pro monitor and a Tempus LS defibrillator. Tempus LS is not available for sale in the US.
  • ² Depending on network availability there may be a 2-3 second delay between display of the data on the Tempus Pro and display of the same data on IntelliSpace Corsium.
  • ³ The SRoC data set is fully configurable by the user’s organization.
  • ⁴ UK patent application no. 1817817.8.