Ingenuity TF PET/CT system

Ingenuity TF

PET/CT system

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The Philips Ingenuity TF PET/CT Time-of-Flight system leverages multiple technologies, collectively known as xPand⁵, that act together to enhance image quality and support quantification. These join CT advances like iPatient, iDose⁴, and metal artifact reduction for implants (O-MAR).

Astonish TF || Superb lesion detectability

Astonish TF for enhanced lesion detectability

Astonish TF is Philips next evolution in Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology. With up to 30% improved contrast over non-TOF, Astonish TF provides enhanced lesion detectability with reconstruction speeds as fast as 30 seconds/bed.
iDose⁴ || Low dose CT scanning and local

High image quality at low dose with iDose⁴

iDose⁴ helps you manage dose without sacrificing image quality. The majority of reference protocols are reconstructed in 60 seconds or less.
iPatient || Patient-centric workflow that

iPatient improves efficiency

iPatient delivers focused innovations that drive confidence and consistency through personalized patient centric workflow. It aims to increase the ability of CT users to do complex and advanced procedures with ease and efficiency.
OpenView Gantry || Enhanced patient experience

OpenView Gantry for easier patient access

The unique OpenView gantry enhances the patient experience, especially for claustrophobic and pediatric patients and provides patient access for clinicians.
Full-fidelity imaging accuracy || Superb lesion detectability

Full-fidelity imaging accuracy

PET imaging is evolving from qualitative imaging to quantitative performance. Astonish TF utilizes full list-mode capabilities, allowing for fast scans, and exceptional image quality.
190-cm scan length || Enhanced patient experience

190-cm scan length for whole body imaging

This system offers a 190-cm scan length for both PET and CT, which allows true whole body imaging for almost all patients in one scan.
4D TOF Respiratory Motion Management || Superb lesion detectability

4D TOF respiratory motion management reduces noise

Philips 4D Time-of-Flight respiratory motion management offers comprehensive tools for CT, PET, and PET/CT respiratory correlated imaging. It provides improved image quality and reduced noise, and helps allow patients to breath consistently throughout the exam.


Scanner Characteristics
Scanner Characteristics
Gantry with table dimensions
  • Height 213 cm
  • Width 225 cm
  • Depth 549 cm
  • 4,201 kg
Key specifications
Key specifications
Timing resolution
  • 540 ps
Sampling rate
  • 25 ps
Sensitivity gain
  • 2 - 5x, depending on patient size
System sensitivity
  • <gt/>19400 cps/MBq (center); <gt/>18800 cps/MBq (10 cm)
  • <gt/>160 kcps @ 5.3 kBq/ml
Time-of-Flight localization accuracy
  • 8.1 cm
  • * In urgent care situations the tube is capable of scanning immediately. It is recommended that the system in general be warmed up using normal procedures.
  • ** Assuming routine power usage with 10-minute scan windows.