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TruFlight Select

PET/CT system

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Philips TruFlight Select value-priced PET/CT system makes Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology accessible to virtually everyone. Advanced TOF technology that was previously available only on our premium systems is now available to virtually all.

Astonish TF || Drive clinical performance

Astonish TF for enhanced lesion detectability

Astonish TF is Philips’ next evolution in Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology. It is the only TOF technology to offer full-fidelity list mode reconstruction with reconstruction speeds as fast as 30 seconds per bed.
Up to 5x higher sensitivity || Enhanced patient experience

Up to 5x higher sensitivity over non-TOF to help manage radiopharmaceutical dosing

Astonish TF provides exceptional image quality with up to 5 times higher sensitivity than non-TOF scanners. This may help you reduce radiopharmaceutical dosing in some or all of your studies.
Special service packages || Ensure economic value

Special service packages to increase productivity

Special service packages offer enhanced application support and increased operational uptime for increased workflow efficiencies.
Premium CT capabilities || Drive clinical performance

Premium CT capabilities increase room utilization

TruFlight Select also offers full diagnostic CT capabilities that give you the same premium performance as a standalone Brilliance CT. These allow the system to be used not only for PET/CT scans, but also for standalone CT scans to increase the utilization of your PET/CT room.
4D TOF Respiratory Motion Management || Enhanced patient experience

4D TOF Respiratory Motion Management reduces noise

Philips 4D Time-of-Flight respiratory motion management offers comprehensive tools for CT, PET, and PET/CT respiratory correlated imaging. It provides improved image quality and reduced noise, and helps assure patients are breathing consistently throughout the exam.
Broad clinical capabilities || Ensure economic value

Broad clinical capabilities to attract new referrals

Astonish TF allows clinicians to use their PET/CT system for multiple purposes, including routine oncology, routine diagnostic CT, and incorporating PET into radiation therapy planning. Perform cardiac imaging, including perfusion studies, as well as conduct neurological studies.
Extended Workspace options || Drive clinical performance

Brilliance Workspace options to increase efficiency

The Extended Brilliance Workspace for Nuclear Medicine (EBW NM) integrates NM (SPECT & PET) and CT processing on a common platform to enhance productivity. The IntelliSpace Portal provides access to review, analyze, diagnose and share nuclear medicine images from your PC, laptop, or any networked device, virtually anytime, anywhere.
Tumor Tracking Application || Enhanced patient experience

Tumor Tracking Application to automate tumor monitoring

Philips Tumor Tracking application provides efficient tools to assist clinicians in monitoring tumor progression or response to therapy using sequential PET or PET/CT scans. It can perform semi-automatic segmentation of tumors and quantitative measurements to track changes in tumor metabolic activity and volume. This helps simplify disease management and treatment response monitoring.
Up to 30% contrast improvement over n... || Drive clinical performance

Up to 30% contrast improvement for enhanced lesion detectability

With up to 30% improved contrast over non-TOF, Astonish TF provides enhanced lesion detectability with reconstruction speeds as fast as 30 seconds/bed.