HeartStart Monitor/defibrillator

HeartStart Intrepid


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You never know what you will face when you arrive at the scene of an emergency, or when a hospital patient will suffer sudden cardiac arrest. But you do know you need to be ready. Philips HeartStart Intrepid is up to the challenge. This easy-to-use, lightweight and rugged monitor/defibrillator gives you the power to respond quickly and act confidently when your patient's life is on the line.

  • Not all features are available in all geographies, please check with your Philips representatives for full details.
  • *Weight is approximate with pads, cable, battery and 1 full roll of paper
  • **A new fully-charged battery at 20⁰ C (68⁰ F) provides power for at least 5 hours of monitoring (ECG, EtCO₂, SpO₂ and temperature continuously monitored and NBP sampled every 15 minutes) followed by 20 full-energy charge/shock cycles).
  • May not be available in all markets. Not available for sale in the USA. Please check with your local Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.