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MR system for treatment planning

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The comprehensive MRI solution to fit your planning -- This dedicated MRI solution is designed to integrate high-quality MR imaging into your radiation therapy planning workflows to help boost accuracy in delineating tumors and critical structures for enhanced patient care.

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Work your way
Work your way

Work your way

Refine workflows with a system that fits how you work. The optional LAP DORADOnova MR3T laser positioning system supports enhanced MR-CT registration since it allows you to align patients at the MRI scanner. One-click travel-to-scan moves patients directly to the MRI system isocenter after laser alignment, thereby reducing workflow steps
Learn and share MRI expertise
Learn and share MRI expertise

Learn and share MRI expertise

Successful integration of MR imaging in your workflow starts with people. We offer tailored training to assist your team in streamlining workflows and making full, efficient use of MR imaging from day one.
Tap the real power of MR
Tap the real power of MR

Tap the real power of MR

Available as a plug-in extension of Ingenia MR-RT, MR-only simulation allows you to adopt a single modality imaging approach for prostate cancer patients that provides excellent soft-tissue contrast you trust for target delineation – plus density information for dose calculations. Fast scanning protocols and embedded post-processing steps generate MRCAT (MR for Calculating ATtenuation) images on the MR console in just few minutes with the density information you’d expect from CT.
Driving speed and consistency from imaging to plan
Driving speed and consistency from imaging to plan

Driving speed and consistency from imaging to plan

RTdrive for MR prostate combines multiple elements including the Ingenia MR-RT platform, MR-only simulation, Auto-Contouring and Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning, and allows you to generate high-quality treatment plans for prostate with fewer manual steps. Thanks to intelligent automation you can create plans within 25 minutes* with minimal user input, saving valuable time and effort.
Drive the precision of radiation ther... || Imaging in the treatment posit

Drive the precision of radiation therapy

Whether for external beam radiation therapy (RT) or brachytherapy, integrating MR imaging into CT‑based planning can harness the power of MRI and transform patient management. With MRI’s excellent soft-tissue contrast, you can clearly see the tumor and organs at risk. So you can support accuracy in delineation and design the best possible treatment plans. Image courtesy of William Beaumont Health System, Detroit, USA
Patient positioning and fixation solutions

Patient positioning and fixation solutions

The indexed flat table top together with the 3-pin MR-compatible Lok-Bar accommodates industry-standard immobilization solutions – whether they are mounted to the table top or baseplates are used. This allows patient imaging in the treatment position to support accurate co-registration with CT images.
Ready-to-use geometric QA package

Ready-to-use geometric QA package

Perform routine geometric QA evaluations efficiently and in a repeatable manner with the dedicated QA analysis software and phantom
Enhance your imaging for head and nec... || KBA2

Enhance your imaging for head and neck

The thin, integrated Ingenia MR-RT CouchTop makes it possible. With a dedicated coil solution² that intelligently combines a set of dStream coils, Ingenia MR-RT delivers 75% SNR increase in C-spine imaging (average, typical)³ for MR simulation.
Outstanding image quality with high geometric accuracy

Outstanding image quality with high geometric accuracy

Ingenia gives you a large FoV and superb homogeneity. Use outstanding MR image quality with high geometric accuracy to enhance your therapy planning.
A superb MRI platform for radiation o... || Imaging in the treatment posit

A superb MRI platform for radiation oncology

Ingenia MR-RT drives clinical excellence with state-of-the-art image quality and high geometric accuracy thanks to dStream architecture, high gradient linearity, and 3D Gradient Distortion Correction functionality. This platform allows you to adopt MR-related therapies such as MR simulation, MR-only simulation, MRI-guided brachytherapy, and follow-up monitoring.
Maintain high standards || KBA2

Maintain high standards

Know you can rely on MRI performance. Evaluate the geometric fidelity in a large field of view with the ready-to-use QA package. Tailored for RT planning, it includes a dedicated phantom and analysis software. Since most steps are fully automated, you can perform routine volumetric evaluations efficiently and in a repeatable manner right from the MRI console.
Customized ExamCards

Customized ExamCards for RT planning

Optimized for geometric fidelity, customized ExamCards for Brain, Head & Neck, Prostate, and Female Pelvis help you execute complete imaging protocols in less than 30 minutes.
Position with precision || Imaging in the treatment posit

Position with precision

Highly-targeted RT plans rely on reproducible patient positioning in the treatment position. Unique to Philips, the integrated MR-RT CouchTop frees up in-bore space while improving SNR by bringing patients closer to the posterior coil¹. Complete with indexing, the CouchTop accommodates a variety of MRI-compatible immobilization accessories from main vendors.

FlexTrak for flexible scheduling

The optional FlexTrak trolley helps you position patients outside the exam room, so you have greater flexibility in scheduling exams.
Versatile coil solutions

Versatile coil solutions simplify set-up

Smart combinations of the Flex L coil set or the Flexcoverage Anterior coil with the Posterior Coil allow for simple patient set-up with minimal coil handling.
Set up easily and flexibly || Imaging in the treatment posit

Set up easily and flexibly

The Anterior Coil Support enables easy and flexible coil setup with large bore access and space for patient immobilization. The support can be easily tilted by a single operator to bring the coil close to the patient to optimize SNR without touching the body’s contours.
See clearly in treatment planning || Imaging in the treatment posit

See clearly in treatment planning

Enjoy consistent, excellent image quality for multiple anatomies. Versatile arrangements of dStream coils work together with ExamCards tailored for RT to provide high-contrast images with high geometric fidelity. Quickly execute complete imaging protocols for prostate, female pelvis, brain, head and neck, and spine.
External laser positioning system (ELPS)

External laser positioning system (ELPS)

This option allows you to align patients at the MR scanner as at the CT and Linac to support reproducible patient positioning.


Field strength
  • Ingenia 1.5T & 3.0T
Bore size
  • 70 cm
Geometric accuracy
  • ≤ 1 mm in Ø 32 cm volume (typical)
Dedicated RT ExamCards for
  • Brain, head & neck, prostate and female pelvis
Coil arrangements
  • Flexible arrangements of the FlexCoverage Anterior Coil, Posterior Coil, and FlexCoils) – all with digital architecture – for a wide range of RT applications
Flat table top
Flat table top
  • The thin, flat MR-RT CouchTop is a dedicated RT patient table, not an overlay, for imaging patients in the radiation therapy treatment position.
  • Interloc style
  • 245 cm (including head extension)
  • 53 cm
Other accessories
  • Other MR-compatible positioning and immobilization accessories, e.g. thermoplastic masks and baseplates, can be ordered directly via CIVCO
  • ≤12.9 kg
Accessories included
  • 3-pin Lok-Bar, adjustable coil bridge, head extension, wall mount
Direct mounting
  • CouchTop allows direct mounting of Type-S head and head, neck and shoulder masks
Patient transport with flat table top
  • FlexTrak trolley (optional)
Geometric QA analysis package
Geometric QA analysis package
Phantom design
  • Grid spacing: 25 mm, Phantom holder allows placement of the phantom in three orientations (axial, coronal, sagittal)
QA analysis volume
  • 50 x 45* x 40 cm³ (RL x AP x FH) *effective, FOV above table: 30 cm
  • Runs from the MR console. For multi-slice 2D evaluations. Provides contour map of geometric accuracy in MR image.
Anterior Coil Support
Anterior Coil Support
Coil support design
  • The spacious, light-weight Anterior Coil Support supports the Anterior Coil and its shape follows the bore dimensions to maximize patient fit. It is height-adjustable and can be tilted to bring the coil close to each individual patient.
Height adjustment range
  • 15-35.5 cm between MR-RT CouchTop and Anterior Coil, adjustable on each side
Optional external laser positioning system
Optional external laser positioning system
  • MR compatible, green or red laser
Allowed width range
  • 3.83 - 4.50 m
Laser phantom
  • Aquarius (LAP) with calibration ExamCard
MR-only simulation
MR-only simulation
  • Ingenia MR-RT 1.5T and 3.0T
Imaging protocol
  • Dedicated ExamCard provides sequences for 3D MRCAT source information, anatomical information for delineation (T2W) and prostate marker visualization
MRCAT generation
  • Running parallel to image acquisition, embedded post-processing performs automated tissue classification and bulk density assignment.
  • Five different classifications: water, fat, spongy bone, cortical bone, and air
Export to treatment planning systems
  • MRCAT images are DICOM conform and can be exported, like CT images, to main treatment planning systems, including Pinnacle³, Eclipse, and Monaco.
  • ¹Compared to overlay solution.
  • ²This head and neck coil solution is available for certain software releases. Please check with your local Philips representative.
  • ³Compared to Philips solution with overlay and without flexible coils.
  • ⁴ Work in progress, not CE-marked and not available for sale or distribution
  • *Tested in a non-clinical environment with single Pinnacle user and a 5-beam IMRT plan. Excluding time for optional manual adjustments.