Allura Xper FD20/10

X-ray system

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Get high-quality images for the full spectrum of cardiac and vascular interventions with Philips Allura Xper FD20/10 biplane mixed cardiovascular X-ray system. Perform complex procedures with insightful guidance and low X-ray dose.

EchoNavigator – intuitively fusing live X-ray and live echo
EchoNavigator – intuitively fusing live X-ray and live echo

EchoNavigator – intuitively fusing live X-ray and live echo

Get greater insight and confidence in finding and treating the problem during CHD and SHD procedures through SmartFusion. EchoNavigator automatically fuses live 3D TEE and live X-ray in real time so you can intuitively guide your device in the 3D space more quickly.
HeartNavigator – gain confidence to p... || HeartNavigator

HeartNavigator – gain confidence to perform CHD and SHD procedures

Performing congenital and structural heart disease procedure scan be a tense and challenging experience. These procedures are complicated, and experience is required to perform them skillfully. HeartNavigator is designed to increase your confidence in carrying out these procedures.
Flat Detector Technology || Superb image quality and cover

Flat Detector Technology with 2k imaging resolution

The 2k Flat Detector captures information at a resolution four times greater than conventional X-ray systems to support confident decision making. It delivers high-quality, virtually distortion-free visualization of small details and objects.
Integrated cath lab || Better user experience

Integrated cath lab to enhance decision making

Philips deep level of cath lab integration creates a fluid workflow. It brings together advanced image acquisition and visualization tools, multimodality access, hemodynamic monitoring, and integrated reporting . This reduces data entry and provides access to case information when and where it's needed.
The right image can save vital time || The right image can save vital

The right image can save vital time

Getting high quality images the first time can save vital time for your procedures. Our 2K2 imaging chain starts by delivering four times higher resolution than conventional X-ray systems. Proprietary Xres adaptive image processing then applies real-time harmonization and edge enhancement to acquired images. This combination allows you to visualize fine vessel details in steep projections and over the diaphragm or spine areas. Images are virtually free of noise, with extraordinary clarity and border definition.
Allura 3D-RA || Greater insight and confidence

Allura 3D-RA deepens understanding

Philips Allura 3D-RA generates extensive 3D visualization of pathologies from a single rotational angiography run in a few seconds. Used with the unique whole-body coverage of Philips Allura FD systems, it can cover any anatomy including cerebral, abdominal and peripheral areas. Additional features compensate for patient movement and facilitate high contrast resolution for all applications.
More information in less time with le... || Full suite of clinical applica

More information in less time with less X-ray dose

Philips XperSwing acquires RAO/LAO cranial/caudal views in just one acquisition run by moving the C-arm in a curved trajectory instead of multiple acquisitions. This facilitates reduction of contrast medium and radiation exposure, while providing a complete visualization of complex coronary vasculature. Additional views are also captured, providing a more comprehensive appraisal of the coronary tree.
Biplane versatility helps reveal hid... || Biplane versatility

Biplane versatility helps reveal hidden pathologies

Congenital and structural heart diseases can be hard to predict and visualize, requiring quite extreme and exotic projections to capture each individual’s anatomy. With our unique lateral double C-arm, you can make steep cranial/caudal projections to reveal hidden pathologies or missing anatomical structures. It allows, for instance, a four chamber view of the atrial septum. Two views are created with a single contrast injection. By combining a 20 x 20 cm lateral with a 30 x 40 cm frontal, you get full flexibility for imaging infants, young children, and adults without panning.
Biplane design || Superb image quality and cover

Biplane design helps manage X-ray dose

Philips unique biplane design provides outstanding support for treating congenital heart disease and for performing vascular examinations.
Xper Settings || Better user experience

Xper Settings to streamline procedures

Xper, for X-ray personalized, lets each user customize system functions to match their workflow and procedures. This reduces manual tasks and enhances efficiency for time-consuming operations. System operation becomes an experience that can aid confident and fast diagnosis.
View each procedure your way || Excellent dose management

View each procedure your way

With the FlexVision XL 56-inch 8-megapixel monitor you experience an unprecedented level of detail and comfort for each procedure. See up to eight different inputs on a single widescreen. You have full control with flexible switching and SuperZoom technology. Video inputs can be placed anywhere, at any stage of the procedure, so the most relevant information is always easy to see.
XperCT || Greater insight and confidence

XperCT for high-quality imaging in the lab

XperCT provides high-quality imaging in the interventional suite that enables clinicians to assess soft tissue before, during or after an interventional procedure.
Get full access for all procedures || Biplane versatility

Get full access for all procedures

The frontal and lateral C-arms can be independently positioned, allowing full patient access for the heart team. There is plenty of space at the head side for the anesthesiologist and echocardiologist without interfering with the rest of the team. The FD20/10 biplane system has a very small footprint to allow maximal floor clearance.
Dedicated pediatric settings || Superb image quality and cover

Dedicated pediatric settings for X-ray dose management

Philips Allura Xper FD biplane systems apply special pediatric programs and X-ray dose settings. These settings help manage radiation exposure for staff and patients.
Allura 3D-CA || Greater insight and confidence

Allura 3D-CA for insight into tortuous vasculature

Philips Allura 3D Coronary Angiography (3D-CA) is a powerful interventional tool for coronary imaging. It may help prevent misrepresentations of lesions and bifurcations by minimizing foreshortened views of the coronary vessel tree.
More information for technically diff... || Biplane versatility

More information for technically difficult patients

Many procedures, such as TAVI and mitral valve repair, benefit from fusion imaging in addition to fluoroscopy to guide the device to the treatment site. To enhance confidence during challenging interventions, the Philips EPIQ 7 ultrasound system incorporates our most powerful architecture ever applied to ultrasound imaging. Supported by our family of proprietary xMATRIX transducers and our leading-edge Anatomical Intelligence, this platform offers you accurate diagnosis, first-time right.
Improved clinical information || Biplane versatility

Improved clinical information

You get improved clinical information from each scan and a higher level of confidence; even for technically difficult patients. For example, the Mitral Valve Navigator A.I. (MVNA.I.) takes a live 3D volume of the mitral valve and turns it into an easy-to-interpret model in eight guided steps. Compared to previously-available tools, the MVNA.I. models and measures with 89% fewer clicks.
Easily handle a variety of patients || Biplane versatility

Easily handle a variety of patients

The Xper table is designed to make patient positioning easier than ever, for young and old, large and small. Thanks to its feather-light, free-floating capabilities and 250 kg patient weight capacity. Together with its true iso-centric tilt and cradle capabilities, you get all the flexibility you need for a broad range of procedures and patients.
Personalize your interventions || Biplane versatility

Personalize your interventions

With Xper Settings, your personal preferences and protocols are pre-programmed, saving you time and effort during procedures. Patient data management, exam scheduling, image acquisition, system movement, image post-processing, and archiving. All can be set according to your own way of working. Designed to allow each clinician to work efficiently and confidently.
Count on us as your patients count on... || Biplane versatility

Count on us as your patients count on you

Staying on top of today’s complex and ever changing healthcare environment is challenging enough. The last thing you need to be concerned with is keeping your care systems up and running smoothly. At Philips, we work as one with your teams. We share their dedication to solve issues before they start, and their drive to keep going day and night until the job is done. With us taking care of your systems you can focus on what really matters – delivering better care, to more people, at lower cost. Together, we can create a healthier future.