DreamWear nasal cushion

Under the nose nasal cushion

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The DreamWear nasal cushion is designed to fit the innovative under-the-nose design of the DreamWear mask, providing an effective but comfortable seal, with minimal contact that prevents red marks.


Nasal fitpack configurations
Nasal fitpack configurations
DreamWear with headgear, med frame, all cushion sizes
  • 1116700
DreamWear without headgear, med frame, all cushion sizes
  • 1116701
Nasal cushion replacement parts
Nasal cushion replacement parts
Small cushion part number:
  • 1116740
Medium cushion part number:
  • 1116741
Large cushion part number:
  • 1116742
Sizing gauge part number:
  • 1116743
Other DreamWear parts
Other DreamWear parts
Small frame part number:
  • 1116745
Medium frame part number:
  • 1116746
Large frame part number:
  • 1116747
Headgear part number:
  • 1116750
Fabric wraps part number:
  • 1116754
  • *Mask cushion does not directly contact the bridge of the nose or nostrils.