Tempus IC2 Integrated monitor and telemedicine solution

Tempus IC2

Integrated monitor and telemedicine solution

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An advanced portable multi-parameter vital signs monitor with integrated telemedicine. Tempus IC2 allows trained non-medical users to manage medical emergencies in the air, at sea, and in remote locations. Along with built-in ease of use, the Tempus IC2 features clear visual guidance and automated data collection, helping users to feel confident in managing a medical emergency.

  • ¹ Battery shelf life and run times are based on a new, fully charged battery stored and used at 20°C. Run time is based on RDT’s model of typical device usage in an incident.
  • ² Subject to conditions of storage and use.
  • ³ Only the RDT Battery Charger (part number: 01-1012) can be used with the Tempus IC2.
  • ⁴ Battery may be charged (optionally) by the Tempus IC2 when running on mains power. Internal charging can be restricted if required.
  • ⁵ Note that during monitoring prior and post recording ECG frequency response filters will be 0.5–175 Hz.