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How can I avail Philips Healthcare@home services?
Based on your condition, your doctor or treating physician will recommend a care plan . If you choose to opt for Philips Healthcare@home plan please call Philips customer care @ 1800-419-79-79 for more details and they will on board you for our services.
How much will it cost?
The plan is customized to a patient’s need and the cost will vary accordingly.
What will be the duration of each session with a therapist?
Usually, a therapist will visit the patient 2 to 4 times in a week depending on the care plan designed by the doctor. Each session may last from 45 to 60 minutes.
What are the things that a Philips Healthcare@home provider will do?
Philips Healthcare@home visiting provider will ensure proper administration of therapy, medication, exercise routines for better movement, and better lifestyle management for the patient.
How qualified are Philips Healthcare@home providers?
Philips Healthcare@home providers are handpicked from well-recognized medical institutes and are professionally trained and certified. They also go through a comprehensive training in handling patients.
Are Philips Healthcare@home providers reliable?
Philips Healthcare@home team is hired only after they pass a stringent background check. Additionally, they undergo a thorough training on handling the needs of patients.
Will Philips Healthcare@home also provide medical equipment?
Depending on the specific needs of a care plan designed by a doctor; medical equipment is leased out on a subscription basis to patients.
How can I keep track of my appointment with Philips healthcare@home provider?
You will receive a call from our call center before each scheduled visit by a care provider. You may also keep track of the visits through our patient app.
Who should I reach out in case there is a problem with the medical equipment?
You can call our call center number 1800-419-79-79 in case you face any technical issues with the medical equipment.
What is the call center number?
Our call center number is 1800-419-79-79.