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Care Plan

Philips Healthcare@home delivers high-quality care at home for patients who are no longer in the critical phase of their illness but need intensive care services and close monitoring. Providing expert care at home helps patients transition from the hospital to home environment and recover faster. It is also more cost-effective than a traditional ICU (Intensive Care Unit) services.


The health care services by Philips takes an integrated approach to provide the expertise of a hospital and ICU facility in the comfort of a home through expert physicians, well-trained ICU caregivers, and cutting-edge medical care devices. The clinical procedures to administer health care have been developed in consultation with leading hospitals and prominent doctors in the country; ensuring best quality medical care for patients.

Critical Care At Home

Critical Care Areas

Care areas

  • Palliative care
  • Neurological patients 
  • Oncology patients
  • Patients with injury
  • Patients with infections & can be revived at home
Critical Care Delivery

Care delivery

  • Continuous monitoring of vital parameters 
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Colostomy Care
  • Fluid Management
  • Internal feeding
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Bed sore care
  • Wound care
  • DVT Prophylaxis
  • Care of IV Lines
  • Stoma care
Critical Care Devices

Care devices

  • Life support ventilator
  • ICU Monitor
  • Suction machine
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Oxygen therapy
  • State of the art hospital bed with air mattress
  • Cough Assist

Key Features

Care plan made by the treating physician
ICU expert care provider’s home visits
Supported by best in class devices
Backed by next-gen tech – Physician & Patient App
Remote patient support

How do you benefit

Better clinical outcome

Lesser hospital-acquired infections.

Cost effective 

Reduced hospitalization cost.

Improved quality of life

Get well in the comfort of your home.

Hear from our patients

Baby Anna
“We started using Philips trilogy machine which helped improve her condition, breathing became more regular and she was more comfortable at night especially with a tracheostomy tube. Ultimately within 8-9 months she got rid of tracheostomy tube also”

Baby Anna
S K Papneja

“I recovered well after taking respiratory therapist session from Philips. I have been doing regular exercises suggested by Philips RT and now I don’t feel breathing issues even when I walk up to 1 km.”


S K Papneja

Mrs. Vijay Laxmi

“Philips RT suggested new respiratory techniques and monitored my progress. I am improving and very happy with Philips Healthcare@home service. I can clearly see the improvement. Doctors have noticed tremendous progress in my mental abilities and communicative skills.”


Mrs. Vijay Laxmi

Mr. Shivpal
“When the Philips Healthcare@home team visits my home, first they check my health condition, they check the records from the device that I have used - how much did I use it, how did I use it, what are the problems I am facing, what are the remedies etc.”

Mr. Shivpal