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Philips Healthcare@home -10 Myth vs Reality

In a land, where hospital is an epitome of advanced health care, the concept of Philips Healthcare@home raises many questions. When a patient needs prolonged medical assistance or monitoring and hospitalization seems to be their only resort, issues such as mounting bills and other such limitations make it a bit difficult to continue such treatment.

The rising number of respiratory patients is already a point of concern and it also leads to many other micro-level issues. For instance, more patients mean greater demand for expert medical assistance which in turn means limited availability of hospital beds. This is where Philips Healthcare@home steps in, to ease your life. Let us bust some myths and have a look at a broader picture as far as healthcare at home is concerned.

Myths Vs Reality

If you’re in two minds before suggesting others or opting for Philips Healthcare@home, the following 10 pointers will help you gain a better clarity:

Myth - Higher Risk of Acquiring Infection at Home

People think that lack of medical facilities at home make patients prone to clinical infections. On the contrary, in hospitals the chances are a lot higher as a patient comes in contact with innumerable diseases each day.

Myth – Costly Philips Healthcare@home Treatment

 It’s a myth that Philips Healthcare@home will cost you more than hospital treatment. For this very reason, Philips Healthcare@home comes with flexible plans. As per requirement, it lets you have the best of Philips Healthcare@home at a cost effective price.

Myth - Quality of Life Better in Hospitals

Mostly people feel that the quality of life, patients lead in hospitals is much more secure due to 24X7 monitoring, expert support and healthcare devices. However at home, patients feel much more comfortable as they are surrounded by their near and dear ones who help them get better faster.

Myth – Lack of Customer Support

If you think that Philips Healthcare@home doesn’t provide complete technical support, think twice! With Philips Healthcare@home, you’ll get 24X7 technical assistance that will help you get better and lead a peaceful life from the comforts of your own space.

Myth – Lack of Support in case of Machine Fault

Don’t second guess the consumer support service! Philips Healthcare@home plans are designed to provide the patients with complete support. For instance, if the machine stops working all of a sudden, Philips Healthcare@home will deliver a back-up device within 24 hours at your doorstep.

Myth - Care Providers aren’t well qualified

Philips Healthcare@home provides professionally trained and certified experts from renowned medical institutes. They also go through comprehensive training to handle patients with utmost care. Their expertise adds value to the programme.


Myth – Patients Don’t Opt for Plans

After looking at the patient’s health condition and going through the doctor’s recommendation, at Philips Healthcare@home, experts devise a plan carefully. It includes health and lifestyle management among other such programmes which are specifically designed to ensure a better life.


Myth – Therapists hardly Visits

Unlike hospitals, Philips Healthcare@home ensures that as per your tailor-made plan, therapists pay a regular visit. Generally an expert visits 2 to 4 times a week as per the plan suggested wherein each session varies from 45mins to 60mins duration.


Myth – Lack of Technological Innovation

Backed by next level technology, Philips Healthcare@home uses the latest in terms of innovation and strategic mechanisms for remote care purposes. The Doctors app and Patient’s App keeps them in sync on the patient’s latest health updates.


Myth – Old and Used Devices

Philips Healthcare@home offers the best in class devices on subscription. This not only helps in reducing the cost but also offers you with the flexibility of upgrading or down-grading devices as per the patient’s needs.


These are some of the most general thoughts or queries that crosses a patient’s mind when given an option to choose between Hospital Care and Philips Healthcare@home. It not only offers you an enhanced and comfortable option of staying at home but also ensures that your medical expenses shouldn’t be sky high. For a more detailed query, please visit our FAQ page. (