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How to cure Bronchiectasis fast?



Bronchiectasis is commonly known as the abnormal widening of airways. With time, extra mucus develops in the airways and it starts forming humps that further lead to infection. Bronchiectasis is known to causes permanent damage to lungs but it is possible to avoid the worst with few proven medical treatments.

Some of the major goals of Bronchiectasis treatment are:

•    Prevention of complications

•    Removal of mucus from lungs (by proper hydration)

•    Treat existing lung infections and/or other underlying conditions

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics, mucus-thinning medications, expectorants, and bronchodilators for treatment of Bronchiectasis. Some of the most commonly used treatments for this lung disease are listed below.

1.       Antibiotics

They are one of the most common and well-proven treatment options. Oral antibiotics are the best choice for treatment of common infections whereas if a person is suffering from hard to treat infections or complicated medical health conditions then professionals may suggest intravenous antibiotics.

2.       Mucus thinning medications

Many medical health experts prescribe mucus thinners and expectorants upon Bronchiectasis diagnosis. Studies reveal that expectorants are capable enough to loosen mucus from lungs and when they are consumed in combination with decongestants then they can ensure additional relief. Few mucus thinners as like acetylcysteine provide better results for mucus thinning.

3.       Hydration

Hydration plays an essential role in treatment methods for Bronchiectasis. It is good to drink plenty of water or other healthy fluids as it can help to improve mucus thinning. Studies have proven that proper hydration can lead to slippery or moist mucus so that a patient can cough up with ease.

4.       Chest Physical Therapy (CPT)

CPT is also named as physiotherapy, percussion or chest clapping. This Bronchiectasis treatment is carried out by a trained respiratory therapist by pounding the patient’s back and chest again and again with a special device or by using hands. During treatment, a person is required to lie down on the bed by keeping his head tilted down or lie on stomach. Here are few commonly used devices to complete CPT treatment methods for Bronchiectasis:

•     It can be done with the help of electric chest clipper that is well known as a mechanical percussor.

•     Another option is the inflatable therapy vest. It works with airwaves of a very high frequency that forces mucus to move towards upper airways so that it can easily come out.

•     One can also prefer to use a tiny handheld device that is used for breathing so that mucus can be taken out.

5.       Oxygen Therapy

It helps to improve the low oxygen levels in blood. In order to implement this treatment, a person needs to receive oxygen via nasal prongs. This Bronchiectasis diagnosis therapy can be used at home, in a hospital or at a trustworthy health facility.

6.       Surgery

If none of the above treatments work and the patient doesn’t feel better, then the last option for Bronchiectasis cure is surgery. It helps to remove the affected part of the airways so that the bleeding can be controlled. 

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