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10 Stereotypes about Philips Healthcare@home for patients


Are you facing problems dealing with the health of your loved ones at home? Is there a patient who has just come home after a long and exhausting hospitalisation? Are you facing difficulties in managing your time trying to take care of them?

Well, you are at the right place. All your problems have a one-step solution i.e. Philips Healthcare@home services. Our Philips Healthcare@home therapists will render their services professionally and care for the patients/elderly with complete dedication to help them recover faster and enable them to return to their day to day activities. These are trained professionals and have had substantial experience in delivering the best care services. So don’t stress about it, get in touch and leave the rest to us.


Feeling reluctant? This may be due to the many misconceptions, rumours and stereotypes regarding the Philips Healthcare@home services and service providers. Here are 10 such stereotypes that act as hurdles when calling in for Philips Healthcare@home professionals:

  1. Philips Healthcare@home services are only for those who are chronically ill, else the patient has to be hospitalised in case of a critical condition.
    Our services not only facilitate the disabled but are flexible enough to also attend to children, adults and the ones who are chronically ill. Plus, with our ICU@Home services, even critical care patients can be taken care of at the comfort of their homes.
  2. Health care services are expensive and the therapists will charge extensively for their time.
    Contrary to this, our health care services at home cost much less as compared to hospital or nursing home fee. The therapist’s visits are part of the care package and hence do not add on to the cost.
  3. Patients recovering from a disease or healing from an injury are not suitable for Philips Healthcare@home.
    Anyone can use Philips Healthcare@home services and our services are not limited to a specific disease, age group or medical condition.
  4. Philips Healthcare@home service providers are not properly trained and will not be responsible when taking care of the patient.
    All our respiratory therapists are professionally trained and certified ACLS/BLS (AHA) with a degree course and mandatory hospital ICU internship for at least 1 year. Be rest assured, your loved ones will be in good hands.
  5. Philips Healthcare@home solutions make the patient dependent on the care givers.
    We believe in acting like a catalyst to help you heal so that you can return to your life, healthy and independent. Our task is to facilitate your recovery and we do so with great pride.
  6. With elders, home health care services are a short term solution and are not suitable for the long term.
    We are here for you, for as long as your doctor advises and as long as you would like. We believe in long term associations and assisting you every step of the way.
  7. Home care givers are not reliable and trustworthy.
    Our entire team is composed of professionals from the industry with commendable records. They are hand picked to attend to you, assuring you complete peace of mind.
  8. Home health care services are not suitable for the ones who do not have a severe illness.
    Our services are designed to assist you in every specific needs. Ranging from our ICU@Home services for the critical care patients down to something as basic as helping the elderly have a comfortable day.
  9. Philips Healthcare@home solutions are not an alternative for nursing homes or the hospitals.
    Our services teamed with industry professionals and best in class devices, offer the same level of care that is offered at bigger institutions. This coupled with the comforts of your own home and being easy on your pocket, make our Philips Healthcare@home services a no brainer.
  10. Care givers do not follow the doctor's prescriptions.

Our team of therapists not only follows your physicians instructions, they also report back to him/her with your progress regularly so that the treatment and prescriptions can be fine tuned as you go along. Your doctor makes the care plan and we implement the same.

We at Philips are always working towards serving you better. With our Philips Healthcare@home services we make extensive efforts to address your needs and ensure your comfort. Please visit us at to find how we can help you and your loved ones feel better.