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Common mistakes everyone makes in Interstitial Lung Disease

According to latest surveys, respiratory diseases are ranked number one for causing death around the globe. The most common from among them include Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Interstitial Lung Disease ILD. The main reason for these is the increased use of drugs and cigarettes. Nowadays, ILD is also one of the most common diseases that are becoming a threat to life. Typically, the patients have breathing difficulty, a ramblingly abnormal chest radiograph and a wide variance diagnosis. For ILD healthcare, numerous improvements have been made in using high-resolution computed tomography as the key search in symbolising the pattern and extent of the disease. Though ILD is a serious, several aspects and key characteristics of the disease are often overlooked. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

What causes Interstitial Lung Disease?

The most common causes of ILD diseases are:

  • Inhaled irritants
  • Drug-induced
  • Infection
  • Radiation
  • Rheumatologic/autoimmune diseases
  • Medications
  • Occupational exposures
  • Organic exposures

How is Interstitial Lung Disease diagnosed?

The investigation is initiated by taking a detailed history of the patient’s predictable occupational exposure. The patient’s lungs are tested through chest X-ray, lung biopsy, CT scan and pulmonary function to confirm if ILD is present in the body.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of
ILD diseases usually take many months to develop and gradually define the severity in every patient. However, the patient may face interstitial pneumonia, in which symptoms may include irregular breath and dry cough which must definitely be checked by a medical professional to confirm the seriousness of the disease.


Interstitial Lung Disease treatment

ILD treatment varies according to the severity, intensity and stage of the disease. Mostly antibiotics are used in case of interstitial pneumonia and are proved to be effective against bacteria that are often the cause of an ILD condition. Fungal-based pneumonia is cured using anti-fungal drugs and viral pneumonia usually takes its own time to settle down.

The inflammation of lungs can be treated with corticosteroids, as they bring long-lasting treatment and relief for the patient. Few patients also feel some relief using the immunosuppressant treatment. Other than these, a patient suffering from breathing disorder may be provided with an oxygen supplement to normalise their breathing cycle. Some doctors also advice a lungs transplant which in rare cases is recommended to patients suffering from advanced stages of ILD condition. 

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