15-min MRI slots: is it feasible?

By Philips Featuring Eliseo Vañó Galván, MD  Feb 29, 2024 ∙ 08.48 min


Magnetic resonance




SmartSpeed webinar with Dr. Vañó

Webinar highlights - Total duration [8:48]


[01.40] ∙ SmartSpeed in the real world

[05.44] ∙ Fast-SENC & Myostrain for cardiac imaging

[07.14] ∙ Workflow optimization with Quibim QP-Prostate (AI)

Would you like to increase your MRI time slots while maintaining the same image quality? Watch this webinar with Dr. Eliseo Vañó as he explores the feasibility of 15-minute MRI slots with Philips SmartSpeed and how you can use this acceleration technique to reduce scan time while maintaining the same image quality or to maintain the same scan time while increasing image quality up to 65% higher resolution1.

“Starting from 20-25 minute acquisition times and 30 minute slots, we have reached 10 minute scan times and 15 minute slots. This is real.”

Speakers list

Eliseo Vañó Galván, MD

Eliseo Vañó Galván, MD

Head of Radiology, Hospital Ntra. Sra. Rosario

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[1] Compared to Philips SENSE

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