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Security advisory archive

13 Aug 2012
Philips posts advisory or McAfee DAT file 6797 issue for IntelliSpace Portal.

24 Apr 2012

Philips closes advisories to pcAnywhere source code and MS Windows RDP.

15 Mar 2012
Philips updates advisory to include MS Windows RDP vulnerability.

Jan 2012

Philips posts advisory for Symantec's pcAnywhere source code vulnerability.

16 Aug 2011

Philips closes advisory for MS11-020 and the associated KB2508429.

4 May 2011

Philips posts advisory for MS11-020 and the associated KB2508429.

1 Sept 2010
Philips closes advisory for #2286198 and hotfix MS10-046 for LNK vulnerability.

04 Aug 2010
Philips posts update for LNK vulnerability.

21 July 2010

Philips posts Advisory for MS Advisory #2286198.

7 May 2010
Philips closes Advisory for McAfee "false positive" .dat file 5958

2 Mar 2010
Philips closes Advisory for MS10-002.

27 Jan 2010
Philips posts Advisory for MS10-002.

27 Jan 2010
Philips closes Advisory to Video ActiveX Control vulnerability.

22 July 2009
Philips continues to monitor Video ActiveX Control vulnerability.

08 July 2009
Philips posts notice regarding Microsoft Video ActiveX Control vulnerability.

30 Mar 2009
Philips issues update regarding new MS08-067 variations.

9 Jan 2009
Philips issues update for Advisory MS08-067.

31 Dec 2008
Philips closes Advisory for MS08-067.

24 Oct 2008
Philips announces Advisory for MS08-067.

20 Apr 2007
Philips closes Advisory for Windows GDI (ANI) vulnerability.

04 Apr 2007
Philips announces Advisory for Windows GDI (ANI) vulnerability.

31 Aug 2006
Philips closes Product Security Advisory regarding MS06-040.

18 Aug 2006
Philips continues to monitor MS06-040. No confirmed reports of infected devices received.

15 Aug 2006
Philips posts updated vulnerability tables with patch validation information.

09 Aug 2006
Philips informs customers of initiated risk analysis.

08 Aug 2006
Microsoft announces MS06-040 vulnerability and patch.

27 Jan 2006
Windows Metafile (WMF) Vulnerability threat resolved.

16 Jan 2006
Philips-Validated Security Patches posted.

05 Jan 2006
Microsoft Releases Windows Metafile (WMF) Patch.

28 Dec 2005
Microsoft announces Windows Metafile (WMF) exploit.