How to grow Clark Gable mustache

Drag components or assets here
Drag components or assets here

Create your own mustache style: Clark Cable mustache
1. Give yourself a nice even trim, to around 3-5mm. This will help you when you’re drawing the borders for this distinguished, tidy mustache.


2. Place your precision trimmer directly at the center point beneath your nose. Create a sharp, diagonal line down to the corner of your mouth on both sides.


3. Now use the precision trimmer to create a nice, clean vertical groove at the center point of the mustache, between your nose and top lip.


4. Trim the lower edges of your mustache into a straight line.


5. Now switch to your mini foil shaver: use this to clean up around your Clarke Gable mustache, making sure to get rid of any hairs that stick out.


6. Give yourself a clean shave on the cheeks, chin and neck, using your rotary shaver in a gentle, circular motion.

Styling/maintenance your Clark Gable Mustache

This look requires daily upkeep for a flawless look.