How to create a scruffy beard


There comes a time in every man's life - usually 30 minutes after he's ignored the alarm clock - when he decides he likes himself the way he is. When this happens, the Scruffy Beard is the ideal accomplice. It doesn't need to be redefined every day, and it doesn't care if it isn't the same length all over. Sometimes it likes to be tidied up a bit around the mouth, but only so you can eat more easily. Just remember to trim it every so often - preferably before birds start nesting in there.


1. Every so often, comb your beard downwards.


2. Set your trimmer comb to 5-12mm, and give your beard a quick once-over.


3. Trim the hairs around your lips if you like.


4. That´s it. Very easy to maintain.


5. You can get back on the sofa now.