Here's how to make the most of being clean-shaven

Deciding to wear your clean shave can be a bold move, especially if you’ve always had some kind of beard or moustache thing going on. Take a deep breath and a good shaver, and rid your skin of all hairiness south of your sideburns. This clean shave includes on your cheeks and neck, right down to the top of your shirt or T-shirt. Check in the mirror, under good lighting, to ensure you’ve not missed shaving any areas. Trim any nostril or ear hair until it can’t be seen by anyone except a doctor, and tidy up your eyebrows to get rid of long or bushy hairs. Shave an even line around the front and bottom edges of both sideburns, and trim them so that they’re fuller at the top and then taper down to a clear finish.


Wear it in style
The clean-shaven look gives you nothing to hide behind. Good clothing and a decent haircut will help you carry the clean shave off with panache. If you’ve got a round face, wear shirts with a slightly loose-fitting neck to make a slimmer impression. To visually shorten a long face, keep your hair short or flat on top – or go for a fringe with a strong horizontal edge. Thin faces can also be bulked out with a haircut that accentuates the horizontal. In general though, a clean-shaven face should be accompanied by a fairly short hairstyle and classic menswear.


Anything else I should know?
The essence of a successful clean shave is regular maintenance. It may be a relief to not shave for a few days, but with some guys this can lead to problems next time round. Many shaver heads can’t cope well with anything but fresh growth, leading to poor results, ingrowing hairs, rashes and skin bumps. To avoid this, it’s worth getting a shaver specially designed for the clean shave of a sensitive skin, such as the Philips SensoTouch 3D, which has slots for normal hairs, channels for long or flat-lying hairs and holes for the shortest stubble.


You’ll also find that giving yourself a wet shave with shaving foam or cream will reduce the risk of skin irritation. By following these simple tips, good-looking skin and a smart, classic appearance are easily achievable. For most women, a clean shave is their preferred look. Staying this attractive does require shaving to get a clean shave more often than you may feel like it, but eternal vigilance is a small price to pay.