Reasons why Electric Shavers are better for you

Reasons why Electric Shavers are better for you

Life has rules. Don’t step on the cracks in the pavement. Never disturb a wasps’ nest. Avoid eating anything in the fridge that’s crawling out on its own. These rules are there for your own protection. So here are 5 more male grooming rules.. Follow them if you don’t want to be the guy who turns up for work with bits of toilet paper stuck to his face.

A clean-shaven look speaks volumes about a man’s style and personality; whether it’s in a boardroom, on a date or on vacation! Although a sense of great fashion and style can go a long way, the crucial first impression - you know, the one that lasts, is created in the initial glance; and most of it is construed by what is neck up.


Thus, when it comes to sprucing up, one of the most vital aspects is shaving facial hair. These days men have numerous shaving tool options, but what works best? Electric shavers – a Godsend to humanity. Why, you ask? Well, here’s why.


Electric shavers tend to roll up the skin, directing hair upwards before cutting them. One need not go over the same patch repeatedly to achieve a clean look. A stroke or two will do the trick. So, overall, you’re spending about 3-5 minutes on a job that otherwise takes a minimum of 15 minutes. It’s a great time saver that comes handy when you are running late for that important meeting.


The shaver can be used under wet or dry conditions, with or without foam. You can achieve a great shave/style quicker, wherever you are. You’re getting a better, gentler shaving experience, leading to a date-ready look in no time!


We all know what a smooth clean-shaven look can do to a man’s overall appearance. The advantage of an electric shaver is its ability to be much more accurate in achieving clean lines and perfect side burns. Precision is key and here you have it!


Electric shavers are all about efficient shaving without applying pressure on your skin. This also applies to the more tricky contours of the face and neck. Most importantly, this means you vastly reduce the risks of cuts, nicks, bumps and in-grown hair. It’s especially perfect for sensitive skin, giving you the smooth finish you’re aiming for. With that added boost of confidence, you can rule the boardroom and sweep your lady off her feet!