5 Reasons to Choose the Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry Shaver

5 Reasons to Choose the Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry Shaver

Life has rules. Don’t step on the cracks in the pavement. Never disturb a wasps’ nest. Avoid eating anything in the fridge that’s crawling out on its own. These rules are there for your own protection. So here are 5 more male grooming rules.. Follow them if you don’t want to be the guy who turns up for work with bits of toilet paper stuck to his face.

At the eleventh hour, you finally get a chance to have the business meeting you’ve been waiting for. You have done your reading, checked the annual reports, scanned the recent news and are ready to fire up and close the deal.

Just as you are about to leave for the meeting, you realize that pulling an all-nighter has taken a toll on your appearance, and the stubble you forgot to shave is making you look shabby. So, you head to the washroom, pull out your razor, but… it doesn’t really go as planned and your confidence plummets!

If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, you are not alone. Almost 79% of men feel embarrassed or less confident in important meetings if they have nicks and cuts after shaving*.
If you are still using traditional razors to complement your jet-setting lifestyle, it’s time to change! Here are 5 reasons why you should own the Philips AquaTouch S5050/06 Wet & Dry Shaver.


Ultimate skin protection


The first and foremost concern while shaving is skin protection and the AquaTouch S5050/06 shaver’s round profile heads are designed to give you just that. The heads glide over your skin, gently and closely cutting hair, all the while preventing nicks, burns and cuts.


Convenient wet and dry shaving

The AquaTec Wet and Dry seal on the AquaTouch S5050/06 shaver allows you to go for a refreshing wet shave when you have time on your hands or do a quick dry shave when you are running short of time. It’s completely waterproof and perfectly suitable to use in the shower.


A fast yet close shave

A close shave is crucial for a clean and spruced up appearance. The shaver’s ComfortCut blades with rounded profile heads and 5-direction Flex Heads with independent movements ensure close skin contact, leading to a gentler yet more effective shave. These are especially helpful when you shave along the contours of your face and sensitive areas like neck and jawline.

Precision trimming


A sharp look also involves perfectly trimmed sideburns. The AquaTouch S5050/06 shaver’s precision trimmer allows you to maintain your style and keep your sideburns in shape - that too with just a click!


Shaver longer. Charge lesser.

A shaver must always be ready when you are! With its energy-efficient and long-lasting NiMH battery, you just have to charge the AquaTouch S5050/06 for 8 hours and you will have 30+ minutes of efficient, cordless shaving.

So if you’re looking for a smooth, efficient shave that’s also fast, easy and safe, this is the shaver for you.


*Philips claim based on research conducted by Nielsen in March’2014. Nielsen India interviewed 533 males and 502 females in the Age group 25- 30 years in 4 cities : Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune