Girl partially accepts proposal of a guy as only one of his cheeks was shaven

Ramesh, a 24-year-old guy was left confused after the girl he proposed said that she accepted his proposal only to 50% level.

“You will only be my half-boyfriend,” Prerna, the girl said, as it left Ramesh totally dumbfounded as he had heard terms like half-brother and half-sister but never about “half-boyfriend”.

“Maybe it meant that I can go on with a date on her but not hold her hand?” Ramesh wondered and tried to not let curiosity kill him.

It was only later that the girl told Ramesh that he was half-ready when he proposed her and that’s why even she was only half-ready when she accepted the proposal.

“Look at your cheeks, one side is as clean as Amol Palekar’s movie and the other side has patches as if a saas-bahu saga!” she pointed out why Ramesh was only “half-ready”.

The 24-year-old lover conceded that he indeed had turned up with such mismatch on his cheeks.

“Guess it was because of the shave I had in the morning. I was using Philips Aquatouch electric shaver initially. But due to power cuts my shaver was not fully charged, and I had to switch to blade for the other cheek,” Ramesh disclosed.

“Instead of giving me a smooth and deep shave, the blade gave me a deep cut and that is probably the reason that half of my face put off Prerna. I tried hiding half of my face but it looked weird and people were laughing at me which was more embarrassing than what I started out with,” Ramesh went on to disclose.

Although Ramesh tried his best to know the working arrangements for this “half relationship”, especially if he can hold hands and maybe go a bit further, but it was kept under wraps by Prerna.

As per the little known details, Ramesh will now only shop for Prerna, take her out for dinner, movies etc. but there is no commitment on any other aspect of this relationship.

“I won’t be able to even change my status to ‘in a relationship’ on Facebook! She has told me to keep it ‘it’s complicated’. I mean WTF? This changing status is the major reason why everyone wants a girlfriend today, no?” said a visibly upset Ramesh as he tried hard to come to terms with reality.

Ramesh is now planning to shave other half also with Philips Aquatouch so that he can attain full rights of “boyfriendship”, but for that, he’ll have to wait for the earlier cut wounds to heal fully.

 “He will have to survive dinners and movies without explicit romance till the wounds heal,” a relationship expert explained.

Ramesh also intends to keep himself clean shaved regularly to keep himself miles away from the ‘friendzone’. “The worst thing that can happen to any guy is languish in the friendzone, an easier way out of this would be to use my electric shaver each day. It’s quick, easy and without the fear of any cuts on my face. So no ‘half-boyfriend’ from now,” said Ramesh.