BT6000R/94  wireless portable speaker
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Troubleshooting for pairing and connecting a Bluetooth speaker

If you encounter problem with pairing or connecting your Philips Bluetooth speaker with your smart phone, try the following.

  • Make sure both the speaker and the smartphone are probably charged.
  • Check whether the speaker is already connected with another Bluetooth-enabled device. If it is the case, disconnect that device and try again.

If the above does not help:

  • On your smartphone, delete the speaker from the device list under Bluetooth.

Then, try to pair the speaker with the smartphone again. Below are some points to note.

  • Make sure to bring the speaker to pairing mode. (Refer to the user manual for the steps.)
  • Make sure the Bluetooth feature is enabled in the smartphone.

The information on this page applies to the following models: BT6000R/94 , BT6000A/94 , BT6000W/94 .

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