HR2201/81 Viva Collection SoupMaker
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Viva Collection SoupMaker


My Philips soup maker does not make the soup smooth

If your Philips soup maker does not make the soup smooth, there might be some possible causes. Find out here how to resolve this.

Finer soup is preferred

Use the Manual blending program (or for soup makers with a Pulse program, choose that) to do blending manually. Soup created this way will be smoother.

The ingredients are too big or frozen

Cut the ingredients into small pieces and fully unfreeze them. When the ingredients are too big or frozen, the soup maker might not work properly.

The MAX indication in the jug was exceeded

Remove some of the ingredients and make sure the ingredients are spread evenly over the bottom of the jug. Your soup maker might not work well if the MAX indication is exceeded.

Not enough liquid was added to the jug

Make sure the liquid level is above the MIN and below the MAX indication. The liquid level needs to be between the MIN and MAX indications for your Philips soup maker to work properly.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2201/81 .

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