SA6125/97  Portable video player
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Portable video player


My Philips player skips some tracks

  • The skipped song may be protected and your licenses may have expired (in case you are a subscriber to an online music service).

    • In this case try re-syncing your device with your PC after logging in to your account with your service provider.
  • You may not have sufficient rights to play the skipped song on your player.

    • Check the music rights with the song provider.
  • Some of the tracks in your player may be corrupted.

    • Some of the earlier produced players may skip the entire tracks that are corrupted without playing, a new firmware version is currently released which allows the player to skip only the corrupted content and playback the rest of the track is available on the support site. Please upgrade the firmware of your player by following the steps below.
  1. First make sure that you have your PC connected to the internet, as the firmware manager will download the firmware from the firmware server, it is necessary that you have the PC online during the entire the process.
  2. Launch the Philips Device Manager at Start->Programs->Philips Digital Audio Player->SA60xx->Philips 60xx Device Manager->Philips Device Manager on your PC. If you do not have this program installed yet, install it from the by-packed CD or download it from www.philips.com/support.
  3. Connect the player to the PC. Switch on the player.
  4. Click the UPDATE button,
  5. The upgrade process will continue to download firmware.
  6. Once the upgrade process is completed, click FINISH to close the application.
  7. You may now disconnect the Player from your computer.
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