39PFL3951/V7  LED TV
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How can I manual install one or more new channels on my Philips TV?

  1. Press the 'MENU' button, then press cursor up/down to select INSTALL and press cursor right.
  2. Press the cursor up/down to select MANUAL INSTALL and press cursor right.
  3. Press the cursor up/down to select SYSTEM and press cursor right to select the correct system.
  4. Press the cursor up/down to select SEARCH and press cursor right until the correct channel has been found.
  5. Press the cursor up/down to select PROGRAM NO. and use the number buttons to key in a channel number.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 39PFL3951/V7 , 39PFL4431/V7 , 20PFL3931/V7 , 32PFL4431/V7 , 43PFL4451/V7 , 22PFL3951/V7 , 39PFL3931/V7 , 32PFL3931/V7 , 50PFL3951/V7 , 24PFL3951/V7 , 32PFL4231/V7 , 43PFL4351/V7 , 55PUT7791/V7 , 49PFL4351/V7 , 43PUT7791/V7 , 49PUT7791/V7 , 39PFL6570/V7 , 50PFL6870/V7 , 50PFL3950/V7 , 32PFL6370/V7 , 40PFL6770/V7 , 24PFL4571/V7 , 42PFL5059/V7 , 40PFL5670/V7 , 40PFL3750/V7 , 32PFL5270/V7 , 39PFL5470/V7 , 32PFL3330/V7 , 32PFL3230/V7 , 39PFL3830/V7 , 55PFL5059/V7 , 32PFL5039/V7 , 50PFL5059/V7 , 40PFL5059/V7 , 20PFL3439/V7 , 24PFL3159/V7 , 20PFL3738/V7 , 32PFL3738/V7 , 22PFL3758/V7 , 32PFL3938/V7 , 22PFL3958/V7 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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