EasySpeed Steam iron

Steam 20g/min;90g steam boost, Non-stick soleplate, Anti-calc, 2000 Watts GC1022/40


Fabric sticks to my Philips iron soleplate

Fabrics may stick to the soleplate when they are ironed at too high temperatures.

To avoid sticking, you should follow the instructions in the fabric table in your instruction booklet.

Try a lower temperature setting. Also, to prevent sticking you can put a cloth (e.g. a tea towel) between the iron and the fabric.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC1022/40 , GC2048/30 , GC2040/70 , GC1028/20 , GC4865/02 , GC3720/02 , GC1903/21 , GC1920/02 , GC1905/21 , GC2820/02 , GC3620/27 , HD1172/00 , GC1710/02 , GC2520/02 , GC3330/02 , GC4420/02 , GC1830/02 , GC650/02 , GC2840/02 , GC3721/02 , GC1010/01 , GC1015/01 , GC1115/02 . more less

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