HX3214/01 Philips Sonicare CleanCare+ Sonic electric toothbrush
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Philips Sonicare CleanCare+ Sonic electric toothbrush


Which brush head fits my Philips Sonicare Toothbrush?

If you are wondering which Philips Sonicare brush head is the right fit for your toothbrush handle, follow the guidelines below.

Brush head and toothbrush handle guide

There are two types of brush heads: Snap/Click on and Twist/Screw on. Below you will find details on the differences between these two types of brush heads.
  • The snap on or click on brush heads are compatible with most of our rechargeable Sonicare Toothbrush handles. These will fit all Philips Sonicare toothbrush handles except for the PowerUp Battery and Essence model.
  • The twist on or screw on brush heads are our original and standard brush heads and are compatible with the old models of toothbrushes. 
You can refer to our Sonicare brush head advisor page  choose which brush head is right for your toothbrush handle.

EXCEPTION: The Philips One toothbrush is only compatible with Philips One brush heads.
Philips Sonicare brush head guide

Smart Toothbrush heads

You can identify the Smart brush heads by the Smart icon at the base of the brush head as shown in the image below.
A microchip in the Philips Sonicare Smart brush head tells your DiamondClean Smart which brush head you are using. So if you click on a gum-care brush head, for example, your toothbrush knows to select the optimal mode and intensity for that brush head.
Philips Sonicare Smart Toothbrush head

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX3214/01 , HX3214/11 , HX6311/07 .

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