Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2102/03 400 W 1.5 L Plastic Jar with mini chopper 5 star serrated blade



The jar of my Philips blender is leaking

Sealing ring may not be assembled properly on the blade unit

  1. Switch the appliance off and pour out the ingredients.
  2. Remove the blade unit interface.
  3. Place the sealing ring on the blade unit.
  4. Assemble the blade unit onto the blade unit interface.
  5. Screw the blade unit interface onto the bottom of the blender jar until it is fixed properly.

Hint: Do not put the sealing ring into the dishwasher because it will become brittle.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2102/03 , HR2115/01 , HR2100/03 , HR2094/00 , HR7625/70 . more less

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