HD2582/00 Daily Collection Toaster
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Daily Collection Toaster


Bread gets stuck in my Philips toaster

If bread gets stuck in your Philips Toaster, please read our troubleshooting advice below to solve this.

The piece of bread is too small/too big or the shape is irregular

If the piece of bread used is too small, too big or irregularly shaped, this could cause it to get stuck in your toaster.

If this happens, please unplug your Philips Toaster and let it cool down first. Then carefully remove the bread from the toaster.

Note: Please be careful when you remove the bread as the heating elements may get damaged.

The bread basket is not used (toaster HD2639 only)

Your Philips Toaster HD2639 has an extra wide slot specifically designed for thick bread or sandwiches. Therefore, this toaster is different than others and does not have the mechanism to lift up the bread or sandwich.

To toast bread or a sandwich with this toaster, please use the provided bread basket which has an expandable opening to hold the bread or sandwich perfectly centered for even browning result.

Did these solutions not solve the issue? Please contact us for further assistance.
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