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The soleplate of my Philips Steam generator is dirty

If the soleplate of your Philips Steam generator is dirty, there can be different causes. Find out how to prevent and clean your iron's soleplate.

Impurities or chemicals in the water

Impurities or chemicals present in the water can lead to deposit in the steam vents and/or on the soleplate, appearing on your clothes, leaving marks and dirty spots. If you have not rinsed the boiler for a long time a deep rinse cycle might help:

  1. Let the appliance cool down completely, about 2 hours
  2. Tilt the steam generator and remove the rinsing knob; pour 500ml tap water (better to use distilled water) into the opening; reinsert the rinsing knob and turn the knob clockwise to fasten it
  3. Set the temperature dial to “Min”
  4. Ensure the water tank is re-inserted (if detachable tank) and water level is above “Min” mark
  5. Press the on/off button and wait for 5 minutes
  6. Put a piece of thick cloth on your ironing board; place your iron on the cloth, press and hold the steam trigger; while pressing the steam trigger, slowly move the iron back and forth across the cloth; hot, dirty water comes out of the soleplate; continue until clean water comes out of the soleplate
  7. Switch off the steam generator and let it cool down for 2 hours
  8. Remove the rinsing knob and let the water flow into a cup; reinsert the rinsing knob and turn the knob clockwise to fasten it
Cleaning the iron

Fabric burnt onto and stained the soleplate

Some fabric might have burnt while ironing causing a stain on the soleplate. You can use a moist soft sponge to clean. If the stain cannot be removed by the sponge, you can use the Philips cleaning stick GC012.

The cleaning stick works by melting wax like material from the cleaning stick and getting it under the stains. This loosens the stains so that it can be wiped away with a rag cloth.


  • During cleaning action, some fumes will be emitted from the melted cleaning stick material
  • Soleplate is hot, do not touch with bare hands
  • Do not ingest cleaning stick, keep it away from children

Philips Cleaning Stick Instructions

You need:

  • Rag cloth made from cotton
  • Ensure room is well ventilated
  • Cotton bud

1) Set the temperature dial on the soleplate to between “1 dot” and “2 dot” setting
2) Unplug the iron and let it rest on its heel with a piece of rag cotton cloth underneath
3) Apply the cleaning stick over the stained area once or twice
4) Wipe off the stain and liquid from the soleplate with the piece of rag cloth
5) Clean off the remaining wax in the steam vents with a cotton bud and by steam ironing over the rag cloth

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC8220/02 .

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