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Saeco Intelia Evo Super-automatic espresso machine


How to lubricate the brew group of my Philips/Saeco espresso machine

Lubricating your Philips/Saeco espresso machine’s brew group ensures that mechanical parts move smoothly. Below you will find information on how to lubricate them and how often you should do it. Below you will also find our instructional video.

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Lubricate the brew group

Follow the steps below on which brew group parts need to be greased:

  1. Switch OFF your espresso machine
  2. Remove the brew group from the machine and rinse it under a fresh and lukewarm water. Let it air-dry
  3. Apply a thin layer of grease on the piston of the brew group
  4. Apply a thin layer of grease around the shaft located on the bottom of the brew group
  5. Apply a thin layer of grease to the rails on both sides.

Note: To lubricate the brew group, use Philips/Saeco’s grease HD5061. You can purchase them from our online store here.

Greasing Philips espresso machine brew group

Lubrication frequency

Depending on how often you use your espresso machine, see below frequencies:

  • If you brew 1-5 coffees a day, lubricate every 4 months
  • If you brew 6-9 coffees a day, lubricate every 2 months
  • If you brew more than 10 coffees a day, lubricate once a month

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD8753/92 , HD8753/83 , HD8751/11 .


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