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My Philips Airfryer homemade fries are not as expected

If your Philips Airfryer homemade fries are not as expected, there might be a simple solution. Check out the steps below on how to solve it yourself.


Things to consider when making home-made fries

  • Choose the potato type that is suitable for making fries
  • Best to bake the fries in portions of up to 500 grams for an even result
  • Best to fill the basket of your Philips Airfryer only half of the total capacity for an even result
  • Larger fries can get less crispy than smaller fries
  • Shake the basket of your appliance 2-3 times during the air frying process

Preparing homemade fries with your Philips Airfryer

Your Philips Airfryer uses Rapid Air technology, which makes the frying process different from deep fat frying. Follow the steps below to prepare homemade fries with your Philips Airfryer:

1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks.

2. Soak the potato sticks in a bowl for at least 30 minutes, take them out and dry them with kitchen paper.

3. Pour half a tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl, put the sticks in the bowl and mix until the sticks are coated with oil.

4. Remove the sticks from the bowl with your fingers or a kitchen utensil so that excess oil stays behind in the bowl. Put the sticks in the basket of your Philips Airfryer.

5. Fry 300-800 g of the potato sticks at 180°C for 18-25 minutes and shake the basket 2-3 times during the hot air frying process.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9621/41 , HD9216/81 , HD9238/21 , HD9240/90 , HD9904/00 , HD9220/20 , HD9925/00 , HD9220/53 . more less

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