Sonicare CleanCare+ Sonic electric toothbrush

1 mode, 2 brush heads HX3212/61

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a gap between my brush head and Philips Sonicare handle?

The gap between the brush head and the Philips Sonicare handle is completely normal. Find out why there is a gap between the brush head and the handle.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX3212/61 , HX3214/01 , HX3214/11 , HX6511/50 , HX8911/04 , HX9111/21 , HX6631/13 , HX9351/04 , HX9331/04 , HX9032/07 , HX9361/67 , HX6511/44 , HX6311/07 , HX6042/36 , HX6064/33 , HX6072/07 , HX6052/07 , HX6062/07 , HX6022/07 , HX6012/07 . more less

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