November 12, 2010

This is to notify the trade and public that Philips Electronics India Limited, having its registered office at 7, Justice Chandra Madhab Road, Kolkata - 700 020, is the registered user of the trademark “PHILIPS”, used for a wide variety of electronic and other goods. While we have a wide customer base in India for our goods, we are concerned with the recent proliferation of fraudulent and infringing activities of people who are trying to make illegal profit by offering goods posing as they are part of the PHILIPS company and thereby causing immense damage to the reputation and goodwill of our brands.


Specifically, it has come to our attention that some third party is sending scam SMSes which reads as, or similar to :- "Dear customer congratulation your mobile number has been selected a DVD player from PHILIPS. More details please login / /". On accessing the website, the party is stating that it will gift a DVD player on payment of Rs.440/- as consumer service tax to specified bank accounts in the name of individuals such as Mr. Dipankar Roy / Mr. Inderneil Sarkar / Mr.Debashish Das / Mr. Swapan Roy / Mrs. Soma Biswas and have given account details of SBI where to deposit the money.


Therefore, the public is hereby cautioned against dealing with Mr. Dipankar Roy or Mr. Inderneil Sarkar or Mr.Debashish Das or Mr. Swapan Roy or Mrs. Soma Biswas or any of their representatives. Please take note that Philips is not in any way connected/associated with these SMSes or the websites / / and therefore cannot be held liable for the actions of either the perpetrators or their victims. The public in general are also advised not to be attracted or lured by any of their communication which solicit payments and promise products.