Save more than Sri Lankan Rupees 900 per year, with Philips CFLs

November 14, 2012

Assumptions     CFLi     
1. GLS Bulb Wattage (in W)100
2. Energy Efficient Lamp Wattage (in W)18
3. Usage Days per Year350
4. Price per unit of electricity (1kWh) in LKR
** For usage of 90 KWH/ Month)
5. Usage per day (in hrs)6
Variable Costs Calculation
Saving per point (in W)82
Usage per point per annum (in hrs)2100
Electricity saved per annum (in kWh)172.2
Savings per annum (in LKR)1205.4
Fixed Costs Calculation
Initial Cost per Lamp
For CFLi
* Essential 14W Present MRP
Life in years2
Cost per year187.5
Cost per year for GLS (Life = 1 year)
** Present GLS MRP
Net fixed cost impact vs. GLS per annum112.5
Net savings (incl. Fixed cost impact)1092.9