Philips unveils a suite of products to combat infant mortality in India

June 27, 2013

Bangalore, India: Philips Innovation Campus (PIC), Bangalore, continues its quest to provide innovative and affordable healthcare solutions for India. The company today launched an innovative and advanced suite of mother and child care solutions during the Annual Media Onsite, 2013. This suite of products focused across the continuum of care in therapeutic, respiratory and point of care, dramatically improves clinical outcomes with an affordable technology catering to a diverse set of care areas.

“India loses over three lakh babies every year. However 70 % of these deaths are preventable. Many of these stem from hypothermia – a condition where infants strive to regulate their own body temperature. The Philips’ Efficia range of infant warmers is intended to combat infant mortality which is the need of the hour in India. Other major causes for infant mortality are new born jaundice and respiratory infections, which are addressed by products such as Bilicheck and BiliTx.” said Dr Wido Menhardt, CEO, Philips innovation Campus.

“The launch today is in line with our commitment to focus on next generation healthcare solutions. We believe that this whole new suite of products launched today will provide value to customers through cost effective solutions and greater efficiencies. We have solutions for premium urban corporate hospitals as well as tier-2 cities and primary health centers.” said Krishnakumar-President healthcare-India

It is also important to monitor the bilirubin levels in infants since neonatal jaundice is common in newborns affecting over half (50 -60%) of all babies in the first week of life. The unique aspect of Philips’ BiliChek is that it measures bilirubin levels – in a noninvasive manner - making use of light instead of a needle. The most convenient aspect of BiliChek is that, one can do it anywhere without the hassles of undergoing a lab test and waiting for results. It is a mere simple, gentle touch. Also. It reduces trauma on the babies to a considerable extent.

The bilirubin blanket or BiliTX wraps babies in healing light. Although neonatal jaundice can be cured through phototherapy, Philips, through its vast healthcare expertise, expects to bring about significant advances in the treatment’s efficiency and bring comfort to both the infant as well as the mother.

NeoPAP, which is also part of the suite, eases breathing for newborns. NeoPAP is a sophisticated CPAP delivery and treatment system developed to treat newborns and infants with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). This is a non-invasive, non-abrasive and does not perturb the infant. The lightweight interface made of soft, skin-friendly silicone does not contain BPA, DEHP, or natural rubber latex and thus is extremely safe and comfortable for the infant.

Philips Innovation Campus, whose vision is to create innovative and meaningful healthcare solutions for the community, with focus on constantly improving patient care, believes that this launch will provide easy access and efficient healthcare for all.

About Philips Innovation Campus (PIC)

Philips Innovation Campus (PIC), Bangalore is a division of Philips Electronics India Limited. It was established in August 1996, as a software center and has since developed into a product development center with the focus on delivering meaningful innovations for local and global markets.

PIC hosts all the three business units of Healthcare, Lifestyle and Lighting. Healthcare is the largest R&D organization at PIC with activities in Imaging Systems, Home Healthcare and Patient Care & Clinical Informatics. Lighting was started in 2010 and PIC is now one of Philips’ largest Lighting software centers. Working at PIC are about 2500 of the industry's finest professionals. It is an exciting place for technology professionals because they have an opportunity to create products and services by leveraging competencies across Research, Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, IT, Lighting and Intellectual Properties and Standards - all under one roof!.