Save more than Rs. 700 per year, with Philips CFL and T5 tube lights

September 7, 2010

1. GLS Bulb Wattage (in W)100100
2. Energy Efficient Lamp Wattage (in W)1418
3. Usage Days per Year350350
4. Price per unit of electricity (1kWh) in INR55
5. Usage per day (in hrs)66
Variable Costs Calculation
Saving per point (in W)8682
Usage per point per annum (in hrs)21002100
Electricity saved per annum (in kWh)180.6172.2
Savings per annum (in INR)903861
Fixed Costs Calculation
Initial Cost per Lamp
For T5 with Luminaire (Tarang Electronic)335 
For CFLi 140
Life in years52
Cost per year6770
Cost per year for GLS (Life = 1 year)1313
Net fixed cost impact vs. GLS per annum-54-57
Net savings (incl. Fixed cost impact)849804