Perfect ironing result in one stroke

August 11, 2011

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The claim has been derived after conducting the detailed test in the following manner:


Products Used:     

  • Philips Dry Iron (# GC-138, clr: Blue/White, 1100 W, Coated Black bottom.)
  • Philips Steam Iron A (# GC-4860, clr: Blue tonal, 2600W, Coated, Silver bottom.)
  • Philips Steam Iron B (# GC-2840, clr: Pink/red/white, 2200 W, Coated Silver bottom)
  • Philips Steam Iron C (# GC- 3630, clr: Lavender/off white, 2400W, Coated, Silver bottom)
  • Philips Steam Iron D (# GC- 1905, clr: Blue/white , 1440W, Uncoated, Silver bottom)
  • Philips Steam Iron E (# GC- 1920, clr: Lt. pink/white, 1440 W, Coated Black bottom)
  • Philips Steam Iron F (# GC -1903, clr: Aqua/white, 1440 W, Uncoated, Silver bottom)
  • Philips Steam Iron G (# GC -1960, clr: Blue/white, 1750 W, Coated Black bottom)
  • Philips Steam Iron H (# GC-1980, clr: Green/white, 1750 W, Coated Golden yellow bottom)
  • Philips Steam Iron I (# GC- 1930, clr: Lt Green/white, 1750 W, Coated Black bottom)


Process Followed:     


6 Woven fabrics were selected to check the performance of the irons.


These fabrics were:-

  1. Green /Beige floral printed fabric (100% Cotton, 126 gsm)
  2. DK Blue Denim fabric (100% Cotton, 349 gsm)
  3. Gold Satin fabric (100% Polyester, 73 gsm)
  4. Star printed white fabric (60% Cotton, 40% Polyester, 111 gsm)
  5. Peach Woven fabric (100% Silk, 43 sm)
  6. Beige Woven fabric ( 100% Wool, 182gsm)

The samples (1 to 4) were subjected to 1 wash as per the test standard AATCC 135 using the wash care instructions as Machine Wash Warm, Normal Cycle, Tumble Dry High & the samples (5 & 6) to Machine Wash Cold, With Mild Detergent, Gentle Cycle, Tumble Dry Low)


After washing, all these samples were ironed using different irons (1 Stroke only) as per the temperature guidelines given for different fibres in the test method AATCC 133.
Cotton: 204 deg C
Polyester: 177 -191 deg C
Silk : 121 – 135 deg C
Wool: 149 – 163 deg C


Conclusion of the Test. After evaluation , it is found that the performance of “ Philips Steam Irons” gives a smooth and finished appearance in 1 stroke on the selected fabrics in this report.


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