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Philips  Handheld vacuum cleaner 900 W FC6130

Efficiently traps even the finest dust

MiniVac Handheld vacuum cleaner FC6130/01

The first Mini Vac with HEPA filtration

This powerful Philips Mini Vac is suitable for your basic cleaning needs: it comes with an comfortable shoulder strap and a brush and hose for easy cleaning. The extra HEPA outlet filter ensures even the finest dust is trapped inside.
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A handy vacuum cleaner for basic cleaning needs! This is one handy, well-designed vacuum cleaner for all the basic cleaning needs. The product is quite noisy when in use, but then most vacuum cleaners are. The cleaning function is efficient with the added advantage of HEPA filter. The product is low on maintenance and recommended for home/office use where the cleaning requirements are not very heavy. 18 December 2013
Knows its Work the best Bought this product last year, great performance before this i used another non philips product but it broke down so got this a replacement. The power is really good helps clean up dust and mess easily. Suction is great but the sound could be a problem. Good for regular dust. Its a little heavy too but i guess thats how these products generally are, happy with its performance no problems faced while using it till now, Touch wood 16 December 2013
Nice Product Its sounds crazy but it cleans well should be light weight and the build quality feels good to touch.....its neither under powered nor over .....atm i find it best among all 16 December 2013
Philips MiniVac Handheld vacuum cleaner This is the best in Class Vaccum cleaner that I have discovered after using few such branded Vaccum cleaners. The Ease of use achieved by the best design of this vaccum cleaner & its excellent performance in cleaning leaves a smile on the users face.Super Covinient to handle, Light weight and quick perfect results is what makes this Handy Vaccum cleaner the " BEST ".A MUST BUY IF U R LOOKING TO BUY ONE. 14 December 2013
Good product The main purpose was to remove the spider webs from high roof but it doesn't come with that attachment which is a long tube that reaches high ceilings. It's only good for everyday dusting for the places your hand can reach. The lack of this attachment was disappointing. Overall it's good.Just go for it. 13 December 2013
Good product. Filters replacement-pressure on pocket. Good product. Easy to use. Good suction power. The issue of of Filters. Which require regular replacement and adds into additional cost. Availability is the issue. Unable to locate the filter sellers. Requires an additional hard hose for reaching distant places. 27 October 2013
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Clean air in your home

  • Extra HEPA outlet filter to trap fine dust

Excellent handheld suction power

  • 900 Watt motor

Easily cleans delicate surfaces

  • Brush tool and flexible hose

Easy to empty

  • One-step click-off nozzle for easy emptying

Lasting suction power

  • Cyclonic airflow with 3-stage filtration system

Comfortable grip

  • Soft touch handle


Extra HEPA outlet filter to trap fine dust

The extra HEPA outlet filter ensures that even the finest dust and microscopic vermin stay inside the Mini Vac, so only clean air will come out.

Extra HEPA outlet filter
900 Watt motor

900 Watt motor

The powerful 900W motor ensures a very high suction power for a Mini Vac, for a great cleaning result.

Brush tool and flexible hose

The flexible hose assures a comfortable reach and the brush tool ensures easy cleaning of delicate surfaces.

Brush tool and flexible hose
One-step click-ff nozzle

One-step click-off nozzle for easy emptying

The Philips MiniVac vacuum cleaner is easy and quick to empty and hygienic to clean. The Philips MiniVac has a nozzle that easily clicks off in just one step, so you can empty the Mini Vac without touching the dirt.

Cyclonic airflow with 3-stage filtration system

The Philips Mini Vac's cyclonic airflow keeps the dirt inside rotating to ensure optimal, high suction power and lasting cleaning performance. Its 3-stage filtration system ensures that, once inside, the dirt cannot escape. The first filter blocks most dirt, while the pleated, second filter traps the finer dust particles. The extra HEPA outlet filet ensures that even the finest dust and microscopic vermin stay inside the Mini Vac.

Cyclonic and 3-stage filter
Soft touch handle

Soft touch handle

The soft touch handle ensures a comfortable grip. The soft rubber coating feels gentle and gives the firm grip you need.

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