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Philips 7000 series LED TV 107cm (42

Give new dimension to overall viewing experience

7000 series LED TV 42PFL7977/V7

with DDB & Easy 3D

Get yourself mesmerised with never seen before picture quality with DDB Technology. This series intensifies your viewing experience with Perfect Pixel HD picture engine and Easy 3D, bringing most true to life images.
Philips 7000 series LED TV 42PFL7977 107cm (42") Easy 3D DDB with Perfect Pixel HD Engine 3.7 5 27 27
not compatible with gaming console This TV hang so much. It also not connect with gaming console through HDMI cable. 30 May 2014
Impossible to connect gaming console to this TV HDMi problems either u get video or the sound . and not to mention slug slow customer service ! 28 April 2014
This Product is complete Failure. A low performer in more ways than one Philips 3D LED TV is far below our expectations. The system hangs, looses connectivity with Remote. Doesn't restart quickly when power goes off. Beyond this, TV software hangs if a HDMi Cable / external USB is connected and we have to switch off the TV to get it in normal state. This is a poor product and not suggested to any one. :( 27 April 2014
Total waste of Money & alot Tenssion We face with the impossibility to connect the PS3 console to our new HD Philips TV with HDMI connection. Its hang again & again so many times, & its AV out port is also not working with AV Aux & HDMI Cable. & there is No Sound attached with Hard Disk, Pandrive & any DVD Player. this product is Totally useless for me. 5 June 2014
Good deal if you buy it in range of 30-35k I am using this TV from past one month. The picture quality is brilliant and sounds are fantastic no need of home theatre as well. 3D works well but its not supported through USB. Remote is easy and very much sophisticated. TV is slow in response but may be thats due to inbuilt set top box of D2H. You will get 1 yr free platinum pack subscription on this by Videocon D2H need to call customer service centre of d2h and pay Rs 990 appx for installation of Dish. 1 June 2014
Too good, but some bad things behind The design is so good. The picture performance is very good. Single remote for d2h and TV is nice thing.. Need not operate with two remotes. The bad is the audio quality. When it is in d2h mode some times the audio is terrible, even how best the equalisers are adjusted. But the audio is ok when played from external sources. From external sources it will play lot of video formats including mkv. but only stereo channels. AC3 not played. Most of the FHD videos are AC3 only. Upnp function is very nice. it easily connects devices on lan(wlan) and palys. found sluggish with FHD videos. playing youtube is very nice on this TV. Your smart/android phone get synchronised to TV and youtube video can be conrolled from phone. If the internet connects is good it will play youtube HD videos. except some audio problems in d2h mode , the TV is worth buying. it recongnises upto 1TB of ext HDD. 6 April 2014
poor processor TV is good only lookwise. more downs and positives. Main problem is processing speed. its so slow while selecting features that you can take a nap. Though phillips is projecting DBB as USP, the remote is is very complex to use. sometimes, it will not select the channels also. it will show some channel name while some other is on. Audio output doesn't work properly. not worth putting so much money. 22 March 2014
Good Product But Certain limitations It Has Good Features bt Not Comparable to Smart TV. Bt Some Limitations in there. 1- Dual Audio Clip Not Supported 2- AC3 Audio Codec Not Supported.(Most HD Videos OR 3D Videos Has AC3 Audio) 3- Little Bit Slow Performance.(Sometimes Hang) I must Request To Philips Support Team To Update Firmware And Add This Features. Display is great And Viewing Angles Are Good. Color Reproduction Is Better. No one manufacturer gives this features in low price range. 2 May 2014
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See brilliant picture quality

  • Futuristic digital entertainment in Philips HDTV
  • Easy 3D for a comfortable 3D movie experience
  • Enjoy any 2D content in flawless 3D at the push of a button
  • Unique 3D depth adjustment to view 3D the way you like it
  • Perfect Pixel HD Engine for unrivalled sharpness and clarity
  • HD Natural Motion for ultra smooth motion in Full HD movies
  • 240Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) for superb motion sharpness

Hear crisp and clear sound

  • Feel the power of 20 W(2x 10W) RMS

Easy to connect and enjoy

  • Enjoy TV viewing with single remote
  • Fantastic video, photo and music playback via USB


Futuristic digital entertainment in Philips HDTV

Welcome to the next step in the evolution of Television.DDB technology, a futuristic technology, allows you to experience superior picture quality with over 4.4 trillion colors and improved sharpness, enhanched clarity and better contrast than ever before. It enables your television to recieve digital video directly from the sattelite, making a set-top box completely unnecessary. Allowing you to sit back and experience picture quality that's so incredibly true to life you wont believe that you are watching it on TV.

DDB Technology
Easy 3D

Easy 3D for a comfortable 3D movie experience

Easy 3D is the most comfortable 3D to watch. The passive 3D technology ensures you get long hours of comfort while watching flicker-free and low-ghosting 3D on your Philips TV. The 3D glasses are stylish and lightweight and do not require batteries. You can even convert any 2D content into vivid and flawless 3D. Enjoy 3D easily at home today!

Enjoy any 2D content in flawless 3D at the push of a button

Watch your entire movie collection in vivid and flawless 3D — even old black-and-white classics. Philips offers real-time high-quality conversion of any 2D content at the push of a button. It ensures that subtitles are shown at a constant depth and that there are no errors such as the background appearing in the foreground

2D to 3D conversion
3D depth adjustment

Unique 3D depth adjustment to view 3D the way you like it

Everyone perceives 3D differently. This is why Philips offers you the possibility to customise the 3D depth level to your personal liking. The unique 3D depth adjustment allows you to choose the image depth that best suits the content on-screen and your personal preference. This also makes it more comfortable for your eyes. Now you can fully enjoy the 3D experience

Perfect Pixel HD Engine for unrivalled sharpness and clarity

Experience unrivalled sharpness and clarity with Perfect Pixel HD Engine. Each pixel of the picture is enhanced to better match the surrounding pixels, resulting in a more natural picture. The result is a unique combination of sharpness, natural detail, vivid colors superior contrast and smooth natural motion whatever you are watching. Clean and razor sharp images result from artifact and noise detection and reduction in all content sources - from multimedia to standard TV.

Perfect Pixel HD Engine
HD Natural Motion

HD Natural Motion for ultra smooth motion in Full HD movies

Philips invented HD Natural Motion to minimize juddering effects that are visible with movie based picture content. The award winning algorithm estimates motion in the picture and corrects juddering movements in both broadcast and recorded movie material (such as DVD and Blu-ray Disc). The resulting smooth motion reproduction and excellent sharpness take the viewing experience to a higher level.

240Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) for superb motion sharpness

240Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) creates extreme motion sharpness for clear and vibrant images in fast action movies. The new Philips PMR standard shows the combined visible effect of the fastest panel refresh rate, HD Natural Motion and unique processing formula, for unprecedented motion sharpness.

Clutter free-single remote

Enjoy TV viewing with single remote

Watch TV with great ease with single remote use and no additional set-top box

Feel the power of 20 W(2x 10W) RMS

"Feel the power of the music beat and the atmosphere of the movies. The powerful 20 W RMS (2 x 10 W RMS) amplifiers create a lifelike soundstage. It gives a clear and spacious sound stage complementary to the rich viewing experience.."

Rich & clear sound experience
USB with Video Playback

Fantastic video, photo and music playback via USB

The USB connector allows access to jpeg photos, mp3 music and video files through all USB drives. Plug the USB into the slot at the side of the TV and access multimedia content using the easy on screen content browser. Now view your videos, photos and music effortlessly in your TV!

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