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Philips  Rice cooker Conventional HD4711/60

More life in every bowl

Rice cooker HD4711/60

Automatic rice cooking

Nutrition is the most important element to keep healthy. Philips' automatic rice cooking programs preserves the freshness and nutrients in every bowl of rice.
Philips Rice cooker HD4711/60 Conventional 6 cups 4 5 2 2
Good for rice; Not for combined rice and steaming I'm overall happy with the Rice Cooker. It does what it is supposed to and looks good on the counter. As the electric cord is detachable, it is convenient to store. I was excited to see there was a steamer dish included, since my older cooker didn't have one. However, I've now realised the steamer is not optimal for use while cooking rice, since the cooked rice tends to rise and become mixed with whatever is being steamed, through the holes. And this was with the minimum 1 cup of rice. Obviously, I cannot both cook rice and steam something at the same time. I'd like to be able to do that. I'd also like to have a recipe book enclosed rather than having to search the website each time. 22 August 2012
It is best to prepare Rice, Rice with Vegetables.. Overall it is good, but i have one problem with the automatic switch. Its automatic switch has a (auto time) to switch from "Cook" Mode to "Warm" mode but it is not working after one month use. For same i contacted to the Philips Service Center. 6 July 2012
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Smart and automatic cooking

  • Automatic rice cooking
  • Automatic keep warm function

Easy to operate

  • One touch button for easy control

The ultimate in convenience

  • Tempered glass lid for monitoring cooking process
  • Easy-to-clean non-stick inner pot
  • Stay cool handles for easy gripping
  • Easy-to-read water level indicator
  • Detachable power cord for convenient storage


One touch button for easy control

One press button to control cook or keep warm, with clear light on the panel to show cooking status

One touch button
non-stick inner pot

Easy-to-clean non-stick inner pot

The Philips rice cooker is specially coated with the non-stick material which is more durable and easy to clean.

Automatic rice cooking

Rice cooking and keep warm conveniently

Stay cool handles for easy gripping

Tempered glass lid for monitoring cooking process

The lid is made of high tempered glass for safe operation. Transparent lid allow user to monitor the cooking process easily

Easy-to-read water level indicator

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