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Philips  Induction cooker 6 menus HD4907

Joyful Effortless Cooking

Induction cooker HD4907/00

Safe, easy & faster meals

Improves cooking experience with advanced heating technology, simple panel design and intuitive control
Philips Induction cooker HD4907 6 menus 8 power with touch button red 4.8 5 5 5
Best Product I have brought this on 1.01.2013. Product performance excellent 27 January 2013
Great Alternative for Gas Stoves This is really a very good induction Cooker. It is efficient and energy saving too. The power levels are Graded accordingly and preset menu are good too. It works as a great alternative to the conventional Gas ovens for homes and would serve a great deal for bachelors and students. 9 January 2013
Quick, easy cooking at an affordable price I bought this cooker online for Rs 1900 in October 2012. It is a superb product. It looks very stylish, has easy grades of temp and time with LEDs for the current mode. I would have appreciated a bit more preset modes, but the full manual function is more than sufficient. The auto power cutoff function switches off the product after it has cooled sufficiently after cooking, which is a great addition not found in competitive models 25 October 2012
Is an excellent product, really proud to own, Philips induction cooker has made our cooking job neat and clean and fast . When I brought the product I was very apprehensive how to cook on it.But when I started using it I felt it is so easy to cook. First of all the look,it is elegant, with precook menu settings it is very easy to cook,the timer feature is really helpful. The main thing is that it cooks faster than gas stove with less heat generation. handling of vessels is much easier as it does't get over heated like in gas stove. Overall I liked the Philips induction cooker so far and I have recommended the product to my friends. 20 August 2012
great cooking alternative It's energy efficient cooktop. Great features ready cook menus and sleek design 8 May 2012
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Induction cooking seals nutrition into food

  • High power faster heating ensures healthy cooking
  • Advanced heating technology for safe & easy cooking

Customized for cooking a variety of Indian dishes

  • 1 to 180 mins cooking time settings
  • 6 pre-set menus suitable for different recipes
  • Customized programs for making Indian dishes

Simple panel design makes cooking easy

  • LED display shows cooking status clearly
  • Easy to operate push buttons

Very safe to operate

  • Extra safe automatic off function
  • No flame cooking provides safe environment
  • Cool to touch ceramic surface gives comfortable cooking


LED display shows cooking status clearly

Shows power level and cooking time

No flame cooking provides safe environment

Safe to cook when children is around

Extra safe automatic off function

The cooker will shut off automatically when cooking is completed.

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