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Philips  Sports in ear headset ActionFit SHQ1017/98


Sports in ear headset SHQ1017/98

with iPhone remote control and mic

Constructed with antimicrobial and water resistant materials, these headphones have been designed for the fitness enthusiast. The cable length is also customizable making them ideal for use with a sports armband or general use.
Philips Sports in ear headset SHQ1017 4.4 5 7 7
Best headset under Rs 1500 for iphone I am using it from past 5 month and i am completely satisfied it with . Very Good Bass and you can hear every beat music from it.Also it is very comfortable in use. Does not create any pain in ear in long time usage. 28 January 2014
Easy and quite comfortable The design is very comfortable and sound is crisp. 28 December 2013
good product Although not generally recommended in the Bicycling world, I listen to an Ipod when I am distance cycling on remote country roads; not in city traffic. The Philips ActionFit ear buds are perfect for the following reasons: * Designed to fit ear without falling out while exercising * Moisture resistant mainly when sweating or cooling my face with a squirt from my water bottle. * Extra length extension cord allows me to place the Ipod in one of my back jersey pockets. * Volume control and Ipod control on upper cord near my neck is handy while riding. * Does not entirely block sounds like cars or conversation noise, so that I can still hear around me. * Good sound quality 17 December 2013
Best Headset at this price point !! Sound quality, clarity and bass response was pretty good- again, initially. Not too loud (not the music!) in the ear when running/moving either, which is a definite plus. I use it with my iPhone and Laptop, I can simply say it works brilliantly with iPhone. The response the output is great. Another positive is that it fits in your ear very easily and comfortable. 16 December 2013
GREAT PRODUCT NICE PRODUCT...VOICE CLEARITY GOOD. RECOMENDED. NICE DESIGN TOO.. KEEPS AWAY THE OTHER UNWANTED SOUND...................................................................................................................................................M 15 December 2013
Headset with 5.1 Surround system in my ear. I bought this headset on one of the online shopping. Compatible with all mobile phone. When you had this in your ears you can barely here out side noise. Overall a good product with awesome hearing. 13 December 2013
Excellent product with superb sound quality The Philips Sports in ear headset SHQ1017 offer clear, natural sound and a very comfortable fit for on-ear headphones. They also have an attractive design, and have an inline one-button remote/microphone for making cell phone calls. A protective carrying pouch is included. While they fall short of delivering truly excellent sound, the well-designed Philips Sports in ear headset SHQ1017 in-ear headphones are comfortable to wear and well-suited for day-to-day use. 13 December 2013
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Innovation for Athletes

  • Ultra-soft silicon caps sit comfortably in your ears
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use

Designed for active use

  • Sweat proof
  • Cable clip
  • Customized cable length

Energize you

  • Bass thumping stereo sound - fuel for your workout
  • Mic and music control

Supreme comfort

  • 3 sizes of ear sleeves for a customized fit


Ultra-soft silicon caps sit comfortably in your ears

3 sizes of ultra-soft silicon caps sit comfortably in your ears without adding pressure to them whilst blocking out unwanted noise

3-size ultra-soft silicon caps

Sweat proof

Designed with a water resistant seal to protect your headphones from sweat related damage

Cable clip

Clip helps fix cable securely

A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use

The ideal cable length to give you the freedom to put your audio device where you want.

3 sizes of ear sleeves for a customized fit

Three sizes of soft ear sleeves enable you to customize the fit to your ears.

Bass thumping stereo sound - fuel for your workout

Acoustics finely tuned to enhance the sporting experience - fuel for your workout

Ultra lightweight design

Ultra lightweight design for a comforable fit - designed for sports

Customized cable length

The 60cm short cable is design for armband use. You may also find your perfect fit by using the 60cm extension cable.

Mic and music control

The super sleek microphone and controller allows you to talk, listen and control your iPod/iPhone/iPad remotely.

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