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Philips  Food processor 500 W HR7625/70

Save space and effort

Daily Collection Food processor HR7625/70

Ultra-compact food processor with blender

Save space, effort and time with the vertical-design Philips food processor HR7625/70. It’s extremely powerful and superbly multi-functional so you can finish any preparation task in seconds! Including a blender.
Philips Daily Collection Food processor HR7625/70 500 W Compact 2 in 1 setup 2 L bowl 4.4 5 9 9
This product is sold as a low end product This product cannot slice. But it can shred very well. I tried to slice a tomato into a thin slices. I could not push the small sized tomato down the feed tube. I cut it into two halves, the minimum of the three parameters LxHxB was 3.5 cm. It cut one half slice ( not one complete circular slice ), then it rotated the remaining portion of the cut half of the tomato round and round on top of the insert holder, doing nothing. I got fed up after 15 minutes. switched of the appliance, took out the remaining portion of the cut half of the tomato, and sliced it into desired slices of desired dimensions with my own hands with my trustworthy kitchen knife. The thing is philips processor 7625 cannot slice any other vegetable other than long vegetables like carrots and cucumbers. But suppose the carrot or cucumber's breadth is more than 4 cm, you will have to discard/cut off any additional breadth that does not fit into the 4 cm of the feeding tube. Say the cucumber is 8 inches long and 3 inches wide, you will have to shear off/slice off like 1.5 inches of the breadth of the cucumber. Next is what you will do with the last 1 inch of the cucumber or carrot. You will have to take it out manually and slice this last 1 inch of vegetable yourself. The food processor will not do that for you. So what was the use of the food processor in the first place. You can do that with your kitchen knife. Let me tell you frankly. This is a low priced food processor. You cannot expect it to make your kitchen life better in every expect. Like time consumption and effort. The time you save in processing food, you will spend in cleaning the device. Now let me tell you frankly. I have used the device in shredding vegetables and slicing and mixing semi-dry preparation of curry leaves. The device scores in the department in shredding. It does not score in slicing vegetables other than long ones like carrots( you can forget about cucumber, the average width of cucumber exceeds 4cms ), and you will have to take care of the last 1 inch of the long vegetable manually. Mixing. It is not good for mixing semi-dry preparations and I suspect it will not be good enough in preparing a preparation calling for finely divided ice like say a smoothie; the ice will float on the surface and will not be broken (I think, I have not tested it). Now to conclusions from my limited experience from limited exposure to the device The device shreds well The inserts are useless (i.e. slicing is useless, I don't know about the granulating insert with dry and wet; I don't know about the medium shredding insert with dry and wet; I don't know about the granulating insert with dry and wet) I don't know about the emulsifying disc I don't know about the kneading accessory The mixer is not good for semi-dry preparations and will not be good for breaking ice in the mixer itself (in my opinion) The pusher is useless as it is good only for long, narrow vegetables with maximum diameter of 4 cm. Final words: So for the price you get a good shredder for a small family and a mixer that does not do semi-dry and ice shredding Go for higher priced varieties if you can afford. And I suspect the competition is as good as philips at the same price front. i.e. at this price you will get the same shredding capabilities and same slicing and mixing capability. There is nothing to differentiate between philips and the competition except perhaps the material used in construction of the device. Your choice. First you decide what you want the food processor do with your vegetables (different kinds of vegetables that is) and then decide if the food processor is able to do the same while at the same time saving on your valuable time (please calculate the time you will spend in cleaning the device). If you come to the conclusion that it is worthwhile to buy a food processor of any make (whether it be philips or one of it's competitors), then you decide which make of food processor with what capabilities you will buy, then you search and research the food processor that will serve you best, then you buy it from the vendor offering you the lowest price with all the warranties and guarantees. 8 December 2012
Overall a good and handy product We have been using it for a year and found this product very useful. Very easy to use and clean. Comparatively less noise and vibration. Good quality grating, chops onions nicely. 24 November 2012
Excellent product Excellent product..I am a bachelor and share my apartment with my friend.. Our kitchen needs something hardy with high performance and easy to use. In this product kneading mixing cutting slicing very easy. i put heavy load while kneading but still it works very efficiently.We use it every day for kneading whipping and cutting and still it works fine.. 26 August 2012
so far so good. really simple, easy to follow instuctions and attachements. I only wish to have more blades like -for frech fries.. am happy with what I have :) 27 June 2012
Good product I have been using this product for a long time i never faced problems. 15 May 2012
good in appearance, performance and handling Philips Food processor in my use is serving at most to my expectation. Service I had requested was given to me in my door step and i am fully satisfied. 13 May 2012
Good product easy to clean Good product easy to use and clean ............... 12 May 2012
i think design should be more compact and slim look. i think design should be more compact and slim look. 9 May 2012
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Powerful precision

  • 2 speeds and pulse
  • 500 Watt motor to handle large quantities and heavy kneading
  • Including blender
  • Easily performs 25+ functions

Easy storage

  • All accessories fit in the bowl for compact storage
  • Vertical design takes up to 35% less kitchen space


All accessories fit in the bowl for compact storage

Microstore allows you to store all your accessories inside the bowl for easy and compact storage.

500 W motor + 2 speeds + pulse

500 Watt motor to handle large quantities and heavy kneading

With the 500W motor plus 2 speed settings and pulse button you can pick the right speed for optimal results

Easily performs 25+ functions

The Food Processor comes with 7 accessories to perform 25+ functions. The – dishwasher safe - accessories are a kneading tool for mixing batter and for heavy kneading. A stainless steel chopping knife to prepare meat and vegetables. Metal disk inserts to handle medium shredding and granulating. Break resistant blender of 1.5l for blending, crushing and stirring different ingredients. And an emulsifying disk to prepare food like whipped cream and mayonnaise.

25+ functions

Vertical design takes up to 35% less kitchen space

The special vertical design has a 35% smaller footprint versus side-by-side food processors. This saves valuable worktop space and means that even the smallest kitchens can now have a food processor.

Including blender

The Food Processor comes with 7 accessories to perform 28 functions. They are: a stainless steel blade for chopping, beating, creaming, crumbling, cutting, folding in, mashing, mincing, mixing; a kneading tool for (heavy) kneading; a slicing insert for medium slicing of vegetables & fruit; a shredding insert for medium shredding of vegetables, fruit and cheese; an emulsifying disc for whipping, whisking, emulsifying; a granulating insert for granulating potatoes; and a blender for for blending, crushing, foaming, grinding, (heavy)pureeing, homogenizing, liquidizing, milling, shaking, stirring.

2 speeds and pulse

The Philips food processor has two speed settings to match hard or soft ingredients. Plus, a pulse funtion for chopping garlic or crushing ice for example.

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