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Philips  Food processor 5 jar 750W HL1659

Enjoy homemade food in seconds

Food processor HL1659/28

Part of an intelligent range of food appliances that provides you total freedom and hassle-free operation. Advanced robotic arm lets you enjoy kitchen tasks without constant supervision. So, you can spend more time with your loved ones!
Philips Food processor HL1659 5 jar 750W lavender intelligent 3.7 5 91 91
good Product hi, I like the product design & performance, but we need full demo or instruction manual which would help us to complete use of the product with safe,,.. request you to help us on this. Also let me know do we get accessories to do more use of this product like to make finger chips, etc.. because I don't find the finger chips attachment, citrus attachment.. etc. 28 February 2014
No carrot juice attachment While the machine has all sorts of attachment, there is no attachment for extracting carrot juice 23 February 2014
Product need to serve the purpose of preparing all kind of juces Main problem with this machine is we cannot prepare juices of all kinds. For example carrots, radish, etc. Company shall design and provide the Juices preparing attachment to all existing and future users. there are unnecessary attachments with the product that can be eliminated. 28 December 2013
Best for daily use We are using this product since 2 years. we are running it daily for kneading dough and chopping. Only problem with this machine is we cannot prepare juices of all kinds. For example we tried to prepare juice of carrots but it only got grounded and nothing came out. we heard that carrots juice can be prepared in other food processors. So, if juices are your prority then better opt for other machines. Our priority was preparing dough and chopping for daily use. and we found this product is best in market. Also we were told during purchase that motor works silently but we found that it makes lot of noise. 25 December 2013
Kitchen's best friend Yes, its the best friend of the kitchen. Chop or cut any vegetables with in couple of minutes. Prepares atta for roti in no time and doesnt stick around the vessel and easy to clean. Initially setting up the processor was one of the biggest task. Later got used to it. Setting up now takes no time. The best feature about the device I liked the most is its smart. If the processor is not locked properly, it would start,which makes it safe and avoids accidents in the kitchen 23 December 2013
Highly Functional with Easy Operations Philips Food processor HL1659 5 jar .. .. is a kitchen product designed with a busy housewife in mind. It is functional, space saving, design has considered operational safety and easy to use. The jars are just right and can be cleaned properly, thus ensuring hygienic and hassle free maintenance. The suction cups to firmly anchor the processor is good, but, requires further improvement. Overall the product is great value and user friendly. Thank you 22 December 2013
Good but not very easy to use I purchased the Philips Food processor HL1659 5 jar 750W Lavender in the month of Jan 2010. It was one month since my marriage and we felt to need to buy a food processor which will help us in minimizing manual work in the kitchen. Philips was our preferred choice of brand since my parents had been using Philips mixer-grinder for past many years and never faced any problem. The price of the this model was quite expensive compared to other brand's food processors. This food processor comes with numerous attachments but the ones used frequently by me are the chutney jar, wet mixer grinder, food processing bowl with chopper and grater blades. The build quality of jars is excellent. The body of food processing bowl and lids is made of real good quality plastic. I can vouch for this since many times I have dropped the lids from my kitchen counter to the floor including the food processing bowl and till date no scratch can be seen on them. The motor of this food processor is really strong and heavy duty. Philips claims it as "750 W powerful motor with minimal sound" but I feel the sound is pretty loud but not too loud to make your neighbors come to your house and scream at you. :) I have tried grinding rice and all the pulses and the motor does it job really neatly. The paste is real smooth and not a single grain is left out. Since the jars are made of stainless steel, they tend to get hot after 2-3 minutes of grinding. If you keep grinding past that moment, the motor automatically shuts off and then you have to wait for 5 minutes before resetting it. The chopper blade serves a dual purpose of chopping vegetables and kneading flour in the food processing bowl. The blade is really really sharp. One can easily feel it by touching the edges. It is good that Philips provides a cover to store the blade safely. The process of kneading flour by hand takes around 10 minutes but with the Philips food processor all it takes is just 2 minutes. Just turn on the food processor at Speed 1 with flour, salt or any other spice added to it inside the bowl and then keep adding water as desired. No mess with hands and your nicely blended and consistent dough is ready in 2 minutes! I have used the grater blade to grate carrots numerous times to make Gajar Halwa. The blades are made of stainless steel and have good sharpness. The job of grating is done very nicely but there are some problems. One of them is that the hole of the lid of food processing bowl is not very large. So thick carrots need to be cut in half to make them enter the hole. Next, a lot of carrot is wasted since the tube like area on top of the lid is very high and one cannot hold the small carrots in place to grate them. They easily slip away due to the high speed of the motor. I feel even the minimum speed at Level 1 is too high for the grating/chopping feature. The biggest problem in using the food processor is the robot like arm. Its really difficult to use to snap on the arm over the lids of different jars especially the smallest chutney jar. I often struggle with that and then have to take help from my husband to lock the arm. The motor won't start until the lock of the arm and the lock at the base of jar isn't completed. Also, the arm does not lock the lid secure enough. You have to keep holding the other end of the lid with your hand when the grinding is taking place else the lid can easily open and then you get all sauced up with the ground paste. This has happened twice with me till date when I accidentally left the food processor grinding and went to do some other chore. Last but not the least, I can say the food processor has been functioning effectively till date and only once did I have to get it repaired when the PCB board of the food processor got burnt. I am not sure how and why that happened but the mixer suddenly stopped working one day. It will show that all locks are in place but the motor won't start. I have given my honest and real-world review of the Philips food processor here and I also recommend it to every one who is need of making his/her life in the kitchen little better. 20 December 2013
Good product but poor built quality This is a good product by consept, I bought it in april 2012. it runs for six month very well. After that its motor stop running. Then I open the back cover & found relay control board of the food processor got damaged. Its internal wearing are very poor. 18 December 2013
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Super silent motor

  • 750 W powerful motor with minimal sound

Stable and safe operation

  • Auto shut-off for overload protection
  • Vacuum feet


Vacuum feet

Suction feature of the vacuum feet prevents displacement during operation.

Vacuum feet

750 W powerful motor with minimal sound

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