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Philips  CD Soundmachine Multisource ripping AZ1852/98

Great portable sound

CD Soundmachine AZ1852/98

Continuous music pleasure is in your hands with the Philips CD soundmachine. Rip CDs and convert your favorite radio programs and tapes to MP3 format without the need of a computer. Features USB Direct for added portable music fun.
Philips CD Soundmachine AZ1852 Multisource ripping USB Tape 3.8 5 19 19
Tips on ripping required Bought this product to rip old audio cassettes and CDs. It was a dream product. However I have not been able to rip audio cassettes to USB. The audio cassette plays. The RIP symbol flickers on the small display in front. When the audio cassette ends and I take out the USB storage device and check it on my PC. There is a folder RECORD and another folder inside it LINE IN. There is no audio file inside the LINE IN folder. Where have I gone wrong? It was frustrating. 2 March 2014
This does as it suppose to do, can finally rip all my tapes and throw them away Bought Soundmachine to rip my tapes 2014-02-22 Ripping tapes are a challenge in the end due the power which falls away when the tape auto stops...and you lose power and so does the memstick in an open file :/ Keeping you finger on the play button when in doubt :) and press Stop recording. Seems like 128kbps ripping and compare it to the quality of the tape and it is the same to me. Am satisfied. Etta 26 February 2014
RipPlus is the trump card The only reason I bought this product coz of its RipPlus feature which allows multisource ripping to USB. This gives the life to our old cassete collections. Check out the pros n cons as mentioned below. But beyond all these I would suggest this product to all the music lovers just for its RipPlus feature. Steps to record (as I do it): 1.plugin the usb 2.Play from any source. 3.Press record button in remote, to start ripping . U see a rip image displayed in the small display. 4. Press stop button in remote when ever you are done with recording. 24 February 2014
Good for Ripping old Cassette collection I bought the product on 14th Jan 2014. Though I had read reviews yet I could not rip the cassette on first go though I followed the instructions in toto. After few days and many attempt I could find the reason and now sharing with all. For ripping old cassette: put the cassette in deck, put pendrive (usb 2.0 or lower) in USB slot, forward reverse cassette for exact location from where ripping to be done, play the cassette, press rip button- it will flash, at any time you wish to stop ripping USE CD STOP BUTTON! do not use cassette stop button it will not work. In case you want to rip till the end then take care to pause the cassette just before it ends and press stop button of CD (one of the four button in circular front area). Request Manufacturer to take note and correct it. The volume outpur from cassette is relatively low as compared to other Phillips cassette deck but CD/USB out put is very good. Radio as usual is ok type. 1 February 2014
A very useful and compact soundmachine. Some years back I purchased Philips CD Soundmachine AZ 1856. In November 2013, I purchased another Philips CD Soundmachine AZ 1852/1898. I present my experience with these machines. (1)Philips is the only company which provides USB ripping. (2)AZ 1852/98 is more compact and lighter than AZ 1856. (3)AZ 1852/1898 provides MP3 Link for portable playback. This is not available in AZ1856. (4) Both machines provide good (a) USB playback (b) CD playback (c) Audio Cassette playback (d) Audio Cassette recording and (e) FM stereo tuner with high sensitivity. (5)Both machines provide good USB Ripping (Analogue to Digital Recording). But there is an important difference. AZ1856 saves USB recording automatically when the audio cassette autostops on reaching tape end or in cases where the tape stops because of getting jammed, sudden electricity failure, etc. In other words, digitized recording is saved on the USB device in such cases. This IS NOT possible with AZ 1852/1898. In this machine, if the audio cassette stops automatically before pressing the “STOP RECORDING” button, then the recording is not saved. Press “PAUSE” button at the end of the recording (but before the Audio Cassette stops automatically), then press “STOP RECORDING” button. Now release the PAUSE button so that the audio cassette moves and reaches the end and autostops. This way, your recording will be saved. If the audio cassette is defective or tends to slow down or gets jammed, then carry out FAST FORWARD or REWIND several times (if necessary manually by hand) to make it loose and then do the recording. (5) In both the machines it is possible to do analogue to digital recording by connecting it to the computer. (Play the audio cassette – send the Output from the tape via earphone socket as Input to computer). In this case, a recording software, such as Audition, Audacity, Soundforge, etc., will be needed. Some RECOMMENDATIONS to Philips Company :- 1) Philips is well known in the field of sound reproduction. It may increase the sound output (wattage). Also separate bass and treble buttons may be provided. (DBB works very well.) 2) Audio Cassette compartment front cover may be made of transparent plastic so that tape movement can be watched and monitored. 3) Cassette assembly (playback and recording heads, etc.) has been provided on the upper side. Instead, the same may be provided on the floor side. 4)Autostop may be provided for Audio Cassette FASTFORWARD and REWIND. Wishing all a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR 27 December 2013
Decent product, does what it says With everyone in the house being an ardent music fan, Philips CD Soundmachine AZ1852 has been used almost everyday since its purchase. And though it continues to deliver, there is sometimes a sense of dissatisfaction. Sound production is good with ample volume considering the specifications of its speakers, however I found the 'Dynamic Bass Boost' missing. Radio quality was good initially but has gone down with time resulting in lack of clarity between stations. The "Rip-plus" for one-touch MP3 recording from multiple sources is an amazing feature and perhaps the major reason fuelling its purchase. Being able to record on pen drive directly is also impressive. The only let down here is perhaps the lack of clarity in the how-to section which might make its cost seem a bit high for the features offered. All in all, not a regrettable purchase. 18 December 2013
An excellent product which even rips audio tapes An excellent product with phillips quality and good after sales service. Its USP is multisource ripping with one touch. This possibly is the only product which rips audio cassettes enabling you to preserve music on tapes besides CDs and radio music. In addition you have a fm radio, CD player and USB player. Real value for money. Using it for almost a year and am extremely satisfied 13 December 2013
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Continuous enjoyment of your favorite music

  • USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback
  • Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW
  • Autostop cassette deck
  • FM tuner for radio enjoyment
  • Rip-plus for one-touch MP3 recording from multiple sources

Easy to use

  • MP3 Link for portable music playback
  • Handy remote control for extra convenience

Rich and clear sound

  • Dynamic Bass Boost for deep and dramatic sound


USB Direct for MP3/WMA music playback

With the USB Direct mode, simply plug in your USB device to the USB port on your Philips device and your digital music will be played directly from the Philips device.

USB Direct
Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW

Play MP3/WMA-CD, CD and CD-RW

Audio compression technology allows large digital music files to be reduced up to 10 times in size without radically degrading their audio quality. MP3 or WMA are two of the compression formats that let you enjoy a world of digital music on your Philips player. Download MP3 or WMA songs from authorized music sites on the Internet or create your own MP3 or WMA music files by ripping your audio CDs and transferring them onto your player.

MP3 Link for portable music playback

The MP3 link connectivity allows direct playback of MP3 content from portable media players. Besides the benefit of enjoying your favorite music in the superior sound quality delivered by the audio system, the MP3 link is also extremely convenient as all you have to do is to plug your portable MP3 player to the audio system.

MP3 Link
Handy remote control

Handy remote control for extra convenience

With a handy remote control for greater convenience at your fingertips, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Dynamic Bass Boost for deep and dramatic sound

Dynamic Bass Boost maximizes your music enjoyment by emphasizing the bass content of the music throughout the range of volume settings - from low to high – at the touch of a button! Bottom-end bass frequencies usually get lost when the volume is set at a low level. To counteract this, Dynamic Bass Boost can be switched on to boost bass levels, so you can enjoy consistent sound even when you turn down the volume.

Dynamic Bass Boost

Rip-plus for one-touch MP3 recording from multiple sources

With this smart feature, you can rip your desired music content from CDs, cassette tapes (if applicable), radio programs or any device with a line-in connection via the hi-fi system directly to your USB device and SD card (if applicable) into MP3 format- without using a PC.

Autostop cassette deck

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